How to find Netherite and Ancient Debris in Minecraft

We all are aware of the popular game Minecraft which has its name in the list of the most played game across the globe. The game has a different fan base from the past few years due to its recent updates and amazing changes made within the game. Minecraft is a simple game with a lot of twists and turns making it challenging at different levels. As per resources available on the internet the game has always been players favourite in terms of simplicity and plotline OfCourse. Now coming to netherite it is a new resource that is been recently added to Minecraft. This is however the 1.16 nether update and is used to craft most of the powerful tools, amazing weapons as well as armours present within the game of Minecraft. Apart from this, the new equipment that is been made from the netherite is considered to be stronger than the diamonds equipment’s of the game especially if we consider them in terms of durability. One of the bonuses is that all the netherite items that are available do not burn and also can float in the lava. This is a huge advantage for sure. Till now you must already able to get the topic we are going to discuss on its how one can get and find netherite and ancient debris in the game of Minecraft. So, let us proceed further deep into the topic.

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How to get the netherite in Minecraft?

One of the most considered as well used method to achieve netherite is through mine “ancient debris” blocks in the nether. In there the blocks discovered can be smelted into the netherite scraps which can afterwards be converted or crafted into ingots and then can be used to make various kind of weapons, tools as well armours that can be used within the game. Also, here the fortune enchants will not be increasing the amount of the ancient debris blocks that the player achieves while the process of mining. Through this, you will always able to achieve or get hold of the ancient debris block that is been dropped for every block that is been mined. The ancient debris blocks that are been found mostly look like a kind of reddish-brown cobblestone and it’s not like any other ores that are encountered in the game of Minecraft. You can easily find a picture on the web of that how it looks like. Apart from these ancient debris blocks are kind of rare, even more than compared to a diamond. For this, the player has to mine tunnels from anywhere from a Y level of 8 to 119 to find it. However, the best level in which it is more likely to be found is 15. One important thing to note down is that the ancient debris blocks are never found naturally exposed in the nether. You would even never achieve them while spelunking or even just by casually walking around the nether as you are required to dip hard deeper into the walls as well the ground to find one. 

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There is even one more method through which you can get netherite in the game of Minecraft which is through the treasure of chests available in the bastion remnants in the nether. In short, the bastion remnants are the castle-like structure that is capable of naturally generate throughout the nether. However, these chests can contain either ancient debris or scraps. In here the time that is involved in finding the bastion remnants is kind of low as compared to the number of scraps found in the chest. All this is more time-efficient to the simple mine tunnels at the level of 15 or even more to find the bastion remnants.

Now coming to the next question that how can one craft netherite ingots, tools, weapons and armours. As for this, you should have four netherite scraps and even four ingots to craft the netherite ingot as a whole. After ingot, this can be easily combined with a piece of diamond equipment such as any kind of tool, armour or even weapon in the smithing table to upgrade that particular piece in netherite.

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In simple words, you only require one netherite ingot and one piece of diamond equipment to craft these pieces into a piece of new equipment. But if you want to craft a full set of the netherite armour then for this you will require a total of four netherite ingots and with each piece of diamonds armour such as helmet, chest plate, leggings and boots. In here you require 4 scraps to make one ingot so in total you require a total of 16 scraps to make the full set ready. This process is almost the same for all the tools as well as weapons such as pickaxes, axes, hoes, shovels and even swords.


I hope all the information share above was useful to all my readers.

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