How to Find and Use Free Fire Launch Zones

How to Find and Use Free Fire Launch Zones

Free Fire is a game where the main objective of the players is to survive a Battle Royale style battle against fifty opponents. Discover the launch zones on  Free Fire .

With a good strategy you can be successful in the game for that just make the best choices.

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To become a Free Fire master you need to know the launch zones and location of each one.

What are Free Fire launch zones and why are they important?

Launch zones are also known as jumping platforms and they have great uses for players on a mission to survive a Free Fire match.

These jumping platforms are now available in all Free Fire modes.

The goal when using the launch zone is to evade gas or enemies quickly and effectively.

The advantage of this new tool is that it is faster than vehicles or zip lines and is a great way to escape danger. However, it does not launch 360 degrees.

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You can find the launch zones by the various locations on the Bermuda map

There are seven locations on the map that you can find the launch zones on Free Fire. Be aware of the dangers, as these areas can harm you, but also take the opportunity to obtain weapons and vehicles if you find it necessary.

  • At the observatory located on the south side of the map and near the access road there will be a launch zone. Take advantage of the good loot provided by the place and be careful with the danger;
  • At the airport more precisely in the Hangares area there is a gas station located to the north of this region. Run and you will find the jumping platform;
  • On the bridge between the observatory and Katulistiwa you will also be able to find a launch zone and have a quick and effective escape;
  • In Katulistiwa on the roof of the garage, it is also a good place to use the platform, but be careful not to be hit and not be able to escape;
  • To the east of the cemetery you can find a gas station that offers the launch pad. Take advantage, as this is also a good place to get quality loot;
  • There are also launching areas in the center of the cemetery;
  • And finally on the hill west of Katulistiwa.

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How to use the launch zones?

To use this new tool and benefit from a quick escape is very simple and easy to complete.

You will need to approach the launcher and aim for the zone you want to reach. Press the button to complete the action.

However in the event of attacks by your opponents you will be prevented from defending yourself.

Another danger in relation to the Free Fire launch zones is that you may hit trees and lose all your life points, but just be careful and this will not happen.

The launcher also does not spin entirely, that is, you will be limited in relation to the areas of choice, but using a good strategy this tool still helps players a lot.

The Purgatory map does not offer any launch zones, but over time and with new updates this is a possibility for the future of the game, however this tool may disappear for good.

Remember if

Analyze the pros and cons of using this tool and plot the best strategy for your game. There are several possibilities to achieve a good result using the Free Fire launch zones. 

Do you know of a launch zone that was not mentioned in this article? Leave it in the comments and share the mentioned zones with your friends.


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