How to Find and Tame Wolves in Fortnite

How to Find and Tame Wolves in Fortnite

The game of Fortnite is one of the most played game worldwide. The game has managed to acquire a lot of gamers support since the time it has been launched. There are various games present in the market but the game of Fortnite has a whole new level of the fan base. One of the most searched topics in this game regarding this game is how one can find as well as tame a wolf in Fortnite. Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss the same but more simply and briefly. If you a gamer who wants to know the same then kindly read forward. As many of us already know that the 6th season of Fortnite has been launched which as a whole comes with a lot of new content and in that animal are the most exciting one. The season has a theme named “Primal” which is now present on the map and in this there are several animals that can be easily haunted down. In short, the animal concept used in this game has a whole new as well as the unique way that affects the gameplay.

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For example, the chicken can be used as makeshift balloons, wolves run in a pack, the frogs can jump to a great height more than a usual jump and the boars can attack the players who try to get any close to them. Many players have taken a lot of time in just discovering all the new content been added with the new features enabled in them and with all this they even are searching for different tactics that how all these new features can be utilized within the game to make this more interesting. At last, there can be one that will help victory royales in the Fortnite season 6 for the taming of the wolves. Now coming to the two main questions:

The first question often asked by a lot of players are:

Where can we find wolves in the Fortnite game?

If the player is successful in finding wolves in the Fortnite game then they can tame them and after doing that the wolves will be fighting other players for them. One of the biggest challenges in season 6 of the Fortnite game is the wildlife roaming all around the island and when we talk about wolves which are considered the most aggressive creature that players can encounter then the game reaches an extreme danger level. Wolves in this game is a great advantage as they attack your opponent whenever they come in sight so in short there is no way to escape. Now the question is where these wolves can be found. The locations are quite important. The Fortnite wolves can be found roaming almost anywhere mostly in the packs within or even near the wooden areas. There are maps made available in which these locations are properly marked. But one thing that is required to be kept in the mind is that no place is a definite location sometimes they have even been encountered in most unexpected areas as well? Apart from this, it might be possible that others players have managed to find them first and that’s why you are not able to locate them. In such a situation you must not stop looking for them.

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Now the other question which is kind of important is:

How one can Tame these Fortnite wolves?

If you are among any player that knows how to tame a wolf then you are surely in the zone of advantage. As after taming the wolf, it will not only stop biting you but also follow you everywhere and will also attack any of your opponent who tries to get close to you. At this moment in the game, one player can have only one wolf at a time although is quite unlucky that they will mostly go out and secure the victory royale on their behalf while they are most needed in here. Now in total, two methods are used to tame a wolf in Fortnite. Both the methods are effective to be used by almost any player in the game.

In the first process you are required to throw a piece of flesh near the wolf mainly to distract it, so if you already have that in your inventory and then you have to get a pack of flesh for the wolves. Once the wolf is busy with the meat approach it silently and then follows the Tame prompt this may take a couple of seconds. After this, a cluster of hearts will start appearing around the wolf and with that, you have tamed the wolf. Keep in mind that still, any wolf near you can attack you so kindly be alert. Now moving further with the second method which is simpler as compared to the first one as in here you are required to approach the wolf with a little preparation. In this, you can use the crafting method of Fortnite in which you are required to combine a piece of meat with two bones to make it look like a hunter cloak after this kindly activate it and wait for 10 seconds countdown to elapse. Once it is activated you can approach any animal and it would not hurt you. This means you can go to the wolf Tame it by following the prompt with no issues at all.


I hope the information shared above will be useful to all my readers.


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