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Niantic has finally released Legendary Pokemon Go creatures, following last weekend’s unlucky Pokemon Go Fest. Lugia, a Legendary bird from Johto and one of only two Legendary creatures currently in-game, is the first of these Pokemon. Lugia can be a difficult target for players who want to add it to their roster. However, it is possible despite the odds. We have all the information we can about how to capture Lugia, the legendary Pokemon Go bird.

How to Catch Lugia

Like Articuno, the Legendary bird, Pokemon Go players must locate a Legendary Raid Battle featuring Lugia, the raid boss. It should be easy to find a battle in urban areas with many Pokemon Go clubs. However, it will not be as difficult for rural residents who live in less populated areas. We have a guide that shows how Silph Radio can be used to connect players for raid battles.

Lugia can be taken down even with a large crew. Lugia has a CP of over 40,000, so trainers should aim to reach the maximum number of raid battle participants of 20. It’s a smart idea to bring all the Pokemon Lugia is vulnerable against, such as Jolteon and Tyranitar. Tyranitar and Golem are great choices. We’ve already featured them in our guide to the best Pokemon for taking down raid bosses. Players with high-level Gyrados can use the creature’s Hydro Pump against Lugia.

Once the battle is won, players will have their chance at capturing Lugia. After raids, players will receive several Premier Balls to capture the creature. The likes of Golden Razz Berries may also help them turn the tide. Lugia capture rates are low, so there is no guarantee they will be caught. Players should be able to add the Legendary bird Lugia into their Pokemon Go roster if they are persistent and well-planned.

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