How to Find and Catch Articuno

The long wait is over, and Pokemon Go fans are finally able to capture the legendary Pokemon Articuno. Here’s how to do it.

Since the game’s launch just over a year ago, Pokemon Go players have eagerly awaited the release of Legendary Pokemon. We speculated in May that Niantic had plans to introduce Legendary Pokemon to Pokemon Go. However, it wasn’t until last weekend at the disastrous Pokemon Go Fest that developers decided to let the wild Legendary Pokemon go free. This is everything we know so far about how to capture and find the Legendary bird Articuno.

How to Find and Catch Articuno

Players must first find a Legendary Raid Battle with Articuno as the raid leader to capture Articuno. This should be pretty easy if you live near many Pokemon Go clubs. However, if that is the case, here’s a guide to help you use Silph Radio to connect with other players for raid battles.

It will be difficult to take down Articuno, a Legendary Raid boss. There are some tips that players can use. Articuno is an Ice-type Pokemon and a Flying-type Pokemon. Players would be wise to use a Rock-type creature with Stone Edge or Rock Throw abilities. Fire and electric types, with abilities such as Overheat and Fire Blast, would be a good alternative. Check out our guide to the best Pokemon for beating raid bosses.

Articuno’s maximum capture CP is 1,676, while as a Raid Boss, it has a standard average CP of 37,603. These are not easy odds, but they are possible. Players will have 48 hours to capture the iconic bird.

Trainers will need to capture Articuno after the battle is over to add them to their roster. However, the capture rate for Articuno is extremely low. Users are reporting an average capture rate of 2%. These are not impossible odds. Players with Golden Razz Berries in their possession stand a better chance of capturing the legendary creature and using it to attack gyms.

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