How to Enable Zombie Mode in PUBG

The game of PUBG is exceptionally good and that is the reason behind its popularity for the past few years. The game has so many things to explore within. As per many known players, the game of PUBG can be described as a whole new world and I would not consider this statement to be false from any of the angel present in the game. All the things related to this very game is been liked by the players. There is a huge rush of games on market nowadays but the game of PUBG has managed to get a whole new level and till the time none of the game can beat up that level which is so much amazing to know in the first case. The whole world players are crazy behind this game but sometimes we need a break from the traditional PUBG gameplay experience to mix up the things a little bit.

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What is Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile?

There is an option within the PUBG game of zombie enabled theme in which custom matches are played. This is more like a staple in the multiplayer shooter and through this, the players can sink their teeth into some kind of anarchic fun with so many surprises in between. The zombie mode can be explained in short such as an event in which a small group of players go against 98 zombies in total. The disadvantage that the zombies have is that they are not allowed to use the traditional weaponry or loot any kind of items to fight humans but since they are huge in number their strength is at the top all the time. Most of the time these zombies rely on overwhelming their opponent in a huge mob which is kind of dangerous for any player even if he possesses some good weaponry support. In the current state of PUBG, there is not an option available for the players to make use of custom zombie matches but this is something that the developers of the game are planning to implement as soon as possible. This is just a matter of time before this happens what we can do is wait.

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Till now many of you must be aware of the topic that we will be discussing today. Here we are providing a brief tutorial on how the zombie mode can be enabled in PUBG. So, if you are curious to find out the way then kindly keep on reading further. We will start by knowing the method through which these zombie matches can be joined. As a whole, the PUBG resident evil 2 is now live but this is for a limited duration only. This is often called the zombie: survival till damn. This event takes place on the erangel map which is an exceptional play with a zombie twist. All the matches in here feature the undead hordes as well as many other players which in total ramped up the survival element to lift a little more than usual. Here are the steps through which you can access the mode:

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Steps to Enable Zombie Mode in PUBG Mobile

  1. Boot the PUBG mobile game once
  2. After this, you need to select the game mode and in there select the event mode
  3. Soon after this, you are required to select the option of zombie: survival till damn and click ok present in the right corner
  4. Now you are all ready for mismatching into the new zombie mode when you start playing

Let’s now see all the steps that should be followed by the player if he wants to join a zombie match:

At the end of all these steps, I will be attaching a video link that can be watched to clear some doubts that may arrive when players follow the below-written steps.

  1. At first, you are required to open the PUBG mobile application in your system
  2. Go directly to the main menu from there and select the custom match tab along the top navigation bar
  3. Now kindly hit the filter tab present in the left and just filter by the game mode present in there. Kindly in this time search the keyword zombie.
  4. After this, the result is needed to be filtered by the public only. Through this, you may only search for the games that anyone can easily join.
  5. After this, you are required to flick through the resulting list of servers and kindly avoid the one which is not completed.
  6. Do select a server of your region this will makes this way easier. Once you find the desired server all you need to do is to hit the join button and kindly wait until you are granted entry.
  7. This may take a while so kindly do wait. This is mainly because the game of PUBG still slow when it comes to the loading of custom matches. Please be patient.


I hope the above-written information was useful for my readers.

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