How to Enable PiP Mode for Instagram

This topic can be new for some of you guys as enabling PiP for Instagram is only quite useful for some of the people who love multitasking. But before we start discussing the topic further let’s try to understand what exactly pip means and how that works on Instagram. As we all know that Instagram has become quite a famous social media platform in the past few years, the engagement shown by this app is been something that people are now addicted to. Apart from all this, the app has managed to introduce so much within that has enabled it to have billions of users around the globe by introducing new and attractive features such as stories, reels, camera effects and so much more. This whole thing indicates how fast the app is moving as compared to all other social media handles. After the Facebook platform, there is the Instagram platform which has managed to bloom and have a great rating when it comes to photo sharing socializing app. Now about the pip mode, it’s one of the unique kinds of video effect where the user is allowed to view multiple screens at the same time or together.

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The main focus that Instagram has is all about youth-centric and that is why the popularity is quite massive for sure. In recent times we have seen several updates that the Instagram app came up and all those updates got huge support from the user’s end. You can say that right from the newborn reel concept to the whole IGTV everything seems to work pretty well for Instagram users. All these features have made Instagram a more engaging as well as entertaining place to hang out. People have used the platform quite well by starting a small business and many other interesting things. Now if you are an Android phone user then there is an excellent feature that lets the user create a small video box mostly called ad picture-in-picture ( PiP) mode. So, if you wish to use the PiP mode on your Instagram video then I must say this article is having the best working mechanism that you can surely try. As there is no direct method available through which PiP mode can be used but there is surely a workaround method designed if you want to try to create a video box for Instagram using your mobile. So, let’s dive right in without wasting any more time. Let’s first see the step-by-step guide to enable the PiP mode on your respective Instagram handle. 

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Step involved to enable PiP Mode on Instagram:

The steps written down below is quite simple to follow you are just required to follow them properly without missing anyone in between and at the end, the PiP mode will be successfully enabled in your Instagram.

  1. The first thing you are required to do is to launch the Instagram app on your respective device. Also, make sure that the app is updated or else the feature would not work.
  2. Now after the app is opened all you have to do is to search for the exact video which you wish to view in the PiP mode.
  3. Soon after this kindly look for three dots which would mainly be present on the right-hand side corner of your screen.
  4. Once you find it kindly click on it. Soon after completing this very step, you are required to copy the URL.
  5. Now all you have to do is to open WhatsApp app on your device and then paste the copied URL link in any of the messaging windows.
  6. Now after this kindly click on the video to start it to play in the PiP mode on your WhatsApp.
  7. Soon after this kindly click on the back button. After this also the video will still be playing in the PiP mode. One thing to take care of here is not to click the home button as doing so will cause the PiP mode to close down at once.    
  8. After completing the earlier step, you can now simultaneously play the insta videos even while browsing through many others apps as well as windows.

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Now the other main question is do Instagram video call support picture-in-picture mode. Well, the answer is quite disappointing which is no. As the video call does not support the PiP mode yet but there are chances that maybe in future this thing will also be enabled. There are chances that few devices out there may be supporting this thing but nothing official is been shared yet. However, there are few methods mentioned on the web that you can try may that work on your particular device. Many people have recently encountered some problem while enabling the PiP mode in such a case kindly uninstall the app once then install it again and repeat the above steps couple of time. That may surely work.


I hope the information shared above was useful to all my readers.

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