How to Earn Unlimited Coins in Pokémon Go

Pokémon GO is one the game most people are already aware of the reason can be its popularity for sure. This game is a free smartphone game in which the players are allowed to catch the Pokémon in an augmented visual version of the real world.  in this, the GPS of the smartphone is used with the preference of the map already pre-installed in the game. This pre-installed app helps the players to walk around the streets and catch up the Pokémon they found as they spring up. There are even the poke stops where players stop by and collect free items as per their preference. There are even Pokémon gym maintained where players can battle again one another to get the awards and move to the next level.

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The game uses the GPS of your device including the mapping technology. Apart from this, the phone camera is used to alter the real-world visuals like the one you can see from your smartphone every time you click a picture. This was one of the 90’s craze and it would be great to say but this craze hasn’t been over till date the main aim of this game is to catch all the creatures of Pokémon GO. There is no such thing as the time limit even there are no consequences to get thrown out of the game if you aren’t able to catch up all the creatures in the game. But if your aim here is to hunt down all the monster in the game then the worst thing that could take place here is that anyone creature been catch before can escape from the Pokémon ball.

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In total there is around 151 type of creatures in the game that the player needs to collect. The smartphone can be used here to check where the nearest Pokémon is been hiding and as soon you got one run over it and then hurl the Pokémon ball in the particular direction to capture the Pokémon. There is a requirement of a little bit of luck and now you have your creature in the ball. This game was particularly designed for kids but there is a large number of adults who play this game with a lot of interest. The game was first launched for kids to see the world around them. The graphics, however, are much better than a majority of games bring launched on the Gameboy around 20 years back. Well, it can be said that graphics are good not as impressive as PUBG. Once you start playing this game then I am sure the graphics will not matter that match but the excitement will be always there.

There is always a question which is been asked by the player of Pokémon Go is how to earn unlimited coins. While there are some techniques mentioned in the article.

What are the coins in Pokémon Go?

The game is surely an addition for many people around. The coins in this game are known as the Poke Coins which is the game premium currency. This currency can be used in the game to buy several items as per the player wish and also used to upgrade the game. This is the reason theses coins are in great demand. The coins don’t come for free. The players need to buy these with the use of real money which is of course not preferred by most of us. The items that one can buy are the player clothing, Lucky eggs, permanent storage upgrade and much more than these.

Ways to earn unlimited coins in Pokémon Go:

Let’s see the ways one by one:

Use Google rewards:

There are Google opinion rewards app been launched that can be used to earn unlimited credit just by participating in the various survey they conduct in the platform. These surveys don’t take much of your time and also, they provide quite a good amount that can be used to buy the coins in the Pokémon Go game. Just install the app and start earning the credits.

Keep participating in the Giveaways and contest:

There are quite a several giveaways been organized from various YouTubers and players around the globe in which they distribute the Coins to the players based on the contest, Question and answer round and much more. If you are quite lucky then there are chances that this method would be quite good for you.

By using online sites and Apps for earning:

There are many websites and app available on the internet such as the Vindale research, Survey junkie and LifePoint’s and many more. These websites or app allows the players to earn some money in their special offers. There is only the requirement of a simple registration on these pages and then start taking part in the activities like quizzes, surveys and even some small tasks and then money will be earned and then you can send them directly on your account.

Ask then the coins as your gift:

In the Pokémon Go, the players can ask the coins as a gift. This can be done on a special occasion such as on your birthday, Christmas, New years or any other special event. There are many people out there who response you with that can share the coins. There are even the gifting cards available such as Google pay vouchers, iTunes Gift cards etc. These can also be used to buy the coins in the game.  


The Pokémon Go game is one of the wonderful games out there. I hope the above-listed ways will help you to earn some good number of coins. Happy gaming.

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