How to Download YouTube Videos on Jio phones

YouTube is one of the biggest platforms used in today’s era. This platform has grown a lot in the past few years and that is the reason it’s extensively used in every field. The YouTube app is popular and that is why it’s popularly used to watch videos. As the choice of these videos has extensively increased every other phone is been enabled the feature to download the videos from this very platform and then watch it’s as per one’s convenience. There are few phones out there in which people have a lot of confusion regarding the download feature one such device is Jio phones. The company Reliance Jio came up with the idea of launching this super affordable phone in 2017. In such regard, people showed a lot of interest in investing their money in this phone due to the price range for sure.

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The phone comes with a high speed 4G internet connectivity accessibility handy. It is powered by KaiOs which can be described as one the lightest weight OS which is capable of running most of the well-known apps without any kind of hassle. While it would not be wrong to mention that the interference of this phone is a kind different than most of the interference seen in other android devices so far. On these Jio phones, you may be able to see many apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube but the approach used here is somewhat different. The different ways used sometimes create a lot of confusion among the users the same thing is been taking place in the Jio phone related to the YouTube app as the users are not aware of the method the app can be used up here. The two main topics in which huge confusion is seen is how one can download a YouTube app on a Jio phone and the other one is how to download YouTube videos on the phones. In this article, we are going to discuss two methods in which the user can download the video on their respective Jio phones. Apart from this a quick tutorial on how one can download the YouTube app on the phone. Let’s start without wasting any further time.

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How to download the YouTube app on Jio phone?

The YouTube support that has been enabled in Jio phones has made many things quite easily than before. Before you download the app kindly make sure that your Jio phone is currently running on the latest version of KaiOs 2.5 version. After this kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Jio store on your device and then search for the YouTube app
  2. After this press the install button available on the screen. This will automatically install the app on your device in almost no time.

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The two methods to download the YouTube videos on Jio phone:

Method 1: Follow the SS approach

As the platform of YouTube still lacks the feature of download videos this method can be used as a lifesaver. Kindly follow the step mentioned below. Please do avoid missing out on any of the steps in between.

  1. First thing first as you need to click the settings icon of the device to see if your phone is running in the latest version of KaiOS or not. This is kind of important. So, in case it requires an update do that thing first before moving to the below steps.
  2. After this kindly navigate towards your YouTube app and go to the video you wanted to download.
  3. You will find the link to the video below the video.
  4. Now to download the video on your phone you are required to change the URL. For that kindly do add ss at the beginning of the URL of the particular video. Soon after this, you will be redirected to a whole new website that will be providing the same content with a download option mentioned.
  5. As soon you click on the video download option it will be downloaded to your devices within a short duration of time.

Method 2: VidPaw for Jio phone

If you are someone who loves to enjoy the YouTube content offline and this method is for you. This very platform allows the user to download video from their desired platform in a quite easy way. Let’s now look at the steps involved in using so:

  1. Firstly, do check the availability of the YouTube App on your Jio phone
  2. After you check that our phone is running in the latest version of KaiOS or not. This is kind of important. So, in case it requires an update do that thing first before moving to the below steps.
  3. Open the YouTube app on your phone in the above step. Go to your favourite video copy its URL.
  4. Paste the URL copied on the VidPaw website. The link is mentioned below:
  5. After this, you can download the video by selecting the quality in which you want.


I hope the two methods mentioned above was quite useful to my readers.

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