How to Download Movies From Hotstar

How to Download Movies From Hotstar

Hotstar is the best spot for internet real-time of most loved TV Shows, and Movies on the web. Star India has dispatched Hotstar for Streaming of Cricket and sports recordings or videos in January 2015 and stretched out its help for additional to TV Shows and Daily Serials Streaming. From that point forward, Hotstar began to develop like insane and now we can see many individuals use Hotstar to watch their number one videos and sports Live Streaming. 

Steps to Download Movies From Hotstar (Mobile App)
1. Download the latest Hotstar app on your smartphone.
2. Launch the app and search for the video you want to download.
3. Open the video and check for a download option.
4. If available, click the download icon and select the video quality.
5. The video will start downloading within the Hotstar app.
Note: Downloaded videos can only be watched within the Hotstar app.
Steps to Download Videos and Movies From Hotstar (Web)
1. Download Hotstar Video Downloader Software.
2. Extract files from the downloaded .rar file.
3. Open the Hotstar live streamer from the extracted folder.
4. A command prompt window will appear.
5. Paste the video URL you want to download and press Enter.
6. Choose the video quality.
7. Type ‘D’ and press Enter to start the download.
8. Find the downloaded video in the specified folder.
Steps to Download Hotstar Videos with Acethinker Video Downloader:
1. Open Hotstar in your browser and locate the video you want to download.
2. Copy the URL of the specific video.
3. Open a new tab in your browser and search for Acethinker Video Downloader.
4. Paste the video URL into the address bar and click the Download button.
5. Choose the video quality you prefer.
6. The download will begin, and you can save the video file on your computer.

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Prior, Hotstar didn’t permit its clients to download videos and content. In this way, just individuals with web associations used to watch videos in Hotstar. Yet, presently, Hotstar is permitting its clients to download videos. Try not to stress, as you are at the opportune spot for the plans. It will clarify to you the most ideal approaches to download Videos and Movies from Hotstar Step-by-step. 

There are three different ways to download a video from Hotstar, either from the Website or from the App. Thus, presently, in this instructional exercise, we will clarify the way toward downloading the videos or films from the Hotstar Web and App. 

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Steps: How to Download Movies From Hotstar

Prior to downloading videos from Hotstar App utilizing this technique, simply remember that this way just lets you download the videos and motion pictures that are permitted to download by Hotstar henceforth you won’t have the option to download those videos of which Hotstar has not given connects to download. Presently follow the below steps to download motion pictures or videos from Hotstar. First, download the most recent variant(version) of the Hotstar application on your smartphone. 

1) To begin with, download the most recent adaptation(version) of the Hotstar application on your portable smartphone.  

2. Presently, launch the application and search for your video or film that you wish to download. 

3. Presently, open the video and check if there is a download interface accessible or not. On the off chance that the download alternative is accessible for that specific video, at that point just snap the download symbol and select the nature of the video and your video will begin downloading right away. 

At the point when you download a video from Hotstar App, it won’t be saved in your smartphone storage. It works like YouTube Offline, and you can just watch the downloaded video from the Hotstar application itself. 

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Steps To Download Videos and Movies From Hotstar Web Using Command Prompt: 

This strategy empowers you to download Hotstar videos and videos on Windows 7 Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. The strategy functions admirably. For this, you need order brief and Hotstar video downloader programming. Here we go. 

1) Download the Hotstar Video Downloader Software here. 

2) At the starting of downloading the product(, you will get the .rar file. Along these lines, separate the files from it and open the Hotstar live steamer from the extracted organizer. 

3) Now, a command prompt pops up on your screen. 

4) Here, you need to paste the connection (URL) of the chosen video you need to download. Snap Enter. 

5) At that point, simply compose the quality where you need to download the video. 

6) Presently, type D and snap enter to begin the download. 

7) After effectively downloading the video, you can discover the video in the downloaded video segment of the folder you extracted before. 

This is an outstanding technique and permits you to download boundless(unlimited) videos and films from Hotstar.

Here are the instructions to download Hotstar videos(recording) with Acethinker video downloader: 

1) Open Hotstar on your browser(like google, UC browser, etc) and find the video that you have to download 

2) Copy the URL of the particular video and continue to the following stage. 

3) Open another tab on your program and search for the Acethinker video downloader and open it 

4) Presently paste the video interface inside the location bar, located on your screen, and snap on the Download tab (button)

5) From that point, you can pick the quality of the video that you wish to download 

6) Presently the downloading will start, and you can save the video file anyplace on the PC.


Can I download movies and videos from Hotstar using the mobile app?

Yes, you can download movies and videos from Hotstar using the mobile app. Follow the provided steps to download content to your smartphone.

Are all videos on Hotstar available for download?

No, not all videos on Hotstar are available for download. Hotstar provides download links for specific videos, so you can only download those that have this option.

What happens after I download a video from the Hotstar app?

Downloaded videos from the Hotstar app are accessible within the app itself. You won’t find them in your smartphone’s storage, and they can only be watched through the Hotstar app.

Can I download Hotstar videos on a Windows PC?

Yes, you can download Hotstar videos on a Windows PC using the command prompt and Hotstar Video Downloader software. Follow the steps provided in the article.

Is there a limit to the number of videos I can download from Hotstar using the Windows PC method?

There is no limit to the number of videos you can download from Hotstar using the Windows PC method. It allows you to download unlimited videos and movies.

What is the alternative method to download Hotstar videos using Acethinker Video Downloader?

You can use Acethinker Video Downloader as an alternative method to download Hotstar videos. Simply copy the video URL, paste it into the downloader, choose the video quality, and initiate the download.

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