How to Download Free Fire OB28 Update

How to Download Free Fire OB28 Update

The Free Fire OB28 Update is updated today so that players can experience all the new features of the game in a couple of hours.

The servers will however be down from 9:00 a.m. (+5:30 GMT) to 6:00 p.m. IST (+5:30 GMT) due to maintenance. This means that players are now eight and a half hours unable to access Free Fire.

The servers are again accessible in a while after 6 PM IST.

Players updating & logging in will be eligible for patch update fees for the game from June 9th through 13th. After logging in, go to the game section of events with the following prizes tap “Rewards update”:

  • 2x Royal Diamond Vouchers
  • 2x Royal Weapon Vouchers

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Guide to Download Garena Free Fire OB28 Update

Stage 1- Find Free Fire in the Google Play Store, or, to open the Free Fire page, click here.

Step 2- Tap “Update” and install the latest version once on this page. Once the installation is successful, players will experience the entire new OB28 Update.

Free Fire 8 June Update Patch Notes:

1. Clash Squad

Rank Season 7

  • Season starts 09/06 17:00 SGT

Season 7 is here, Clash Squad! To receive Clash Squad’s exclusive product up to or above Gold III – the Golden M1014″

A new “Grandmaster” rank on the Clash Squad is also added. Players must challenge each other, to make the Challenge Badge one of the top 1000 master players! Moreover, from 9 June 2021 until 5 August 2021 the new season is available.

A new rank is now promoted to “Grandmaster” for the top 1,000 master players.

Grandmaster I: 1st to 100th players

Grandmaster II: 101st to 300th best players

Grandmaster III: 301st to 1000th best players

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2. Vending Machine

  • Loot and purchase limit adjustment.
  • Added the vending machine armour repair kit.
  • The buying limit for certain items is increased.
  • Optimized the ground loot so that the selling machine doesn’t overlap.

3. Return Area

  • Difficulty adjustment.

4. Ranked Point Adjustment

  • Adjust the sum of points.

5. Training Island

  • Updated maps and mini-games, new features available.

6. Pet Rumble Mode

  • Game features update: matchmaking, new mini-game, and new skill available.
  • Available as of 9 June 2021 matchmaking. This means that the game is not a customised space, just like Clash Squad, to become common game mode.
  • 4 new mini-games were added to the scientists’ tasks.
  • New skill “Trap” available for bucks.

7. Weapon and Balance

I. New Grenade – Ice Grenade

  • Available in Battle Royale & Clash Squad!

See the statistics and how the new Free Fire Ice Grenade functions at first:

  • Domestic Damage: 100
  • Radius of explosion: 5 m.
  • Frozen ice radius: 5 m
  • Ice aura duration: 10 seconds

Freeze Players in the aura of explosion decrease their motion speed by 10%, fire speed by 20% and damage 5-10 per second based on the duration of the aura.

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II. New Weapon – Mini UZI

  • Available in Battle Royale & Clash Squad!
  • Damage: 17
  • Shot rate: 0.055
  • Cartridge: 18
  • Attachments: none

III. M1917

Adjust in attributes!

  • Minimum damage: 36-> 45
  • Effective range: +25%


Adjust in attributes!

  • Accuracy: 28%
  • Fire rate in machine-gun mode: + 25%
  • Damage multiplier to the Gloo wall, oil barrel, and vehicles: +100%-> 120%

V. M60

Adjust in attributes!

  • Damage in machine-gun mode: +5
  • Damage multiplier to Gloo wall, oil barrel, and vehicles: + 60%


Adjust in attributes!

  • Damage to arms and legs: +256
  • Damage to the body: -10%
  • Armor Penetration: 0%-> + 40%

VII. Utilities and additional grenade slot

  • New settings available!
  • New “Two Grenade Slots” setting now available in the settings menu.

8. In-game voice commands

  • Fast messaging optimization!

9. Characters and Pets

I. New Character: D-BEE

  • Available soon!

II. New Pet – Dr. Beanie

  • Available soon

III. Paloma

  • Ammo Type Adjustment!

IV. Evelyn

  • Sweep radius adjustment.

V. Laura

  • Precision Multiplier Adjustment.

10. Optimization & Bug Fixes

  • You can now view the backpack through settings in the lobby.
  • The ping feature has been optimised in-game.
  • Display selection mode optimization.
  • Optimized display of Katana animations.
  • The character page background has been optimised.
  • When a character awakens, the level requirement is no longer required.
  • The status display was modified in Battle Royale and the Clash Squad interface was classified.
  • Game HUD shown optimised buttons.
  • Now the players can turn the sales machine on/off and minimise the return area points.
  • Clash Squad Rank bug removed when the shield was above 100.
  • Players can now select from which rank the Ranked Interface will be displayed.


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