How to Deactivate Spectator Mode in PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games on the market right now. The game is available on all platforms, including Android and iOS. The game’s developers are also fairly active, constantly adding new features and maps to keep players interested in the game. Tencent Games, the creator of PUBG Mobile, has added a new feature called Spectate in the latest update version 0.12.0.

Players and friends in the PUBG Mobile game can now watch other players, crew members, and clan members play live while they are playing. This feature is also useful for beginners and even some experienced players who want to observe other players’ games and plan their own strategy. This also allows players to pass the time while waiting for other friends in the lobby.

The 0.12.0 update for PUBG Mobile was released in April of this year, and the 0.13.0 update is expected to bring a slew of new features. Tencent Games and Capcom collaborated to create the ‘Survive till Dawn’ mode and the ‘Darkest Night’ mode, which is a more advanced version of Zombie mode. And one of the new features in this update was the Spectator Mode, which, as the name implies, allows players to observe each other’s gameplay.

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If a member of your In-Game Friend List, Clan, or Crew is playing a game while you are not on the team, you can still watch the game live. To do so, players must go to the Friends List on the game’s Home screen and select a friend who is currently playing a game, then click the circular icon next to their name. Users will be able to view their friend’s game in real time as a result of this.

In fact, this feature is beneficial in a variety of ways. By simply watching some gameplay, users can grasp and gain a better understanding of their friends’ strategies and improve. Aside from that, the feature can be used to pass the time while waiting for a friend to finish a game. However, many players believe that this feature violates their privacy. It could be that, or it could simply be that you don’t want to share your unique strategies with others. If you believe these are valid reasons, we’ll show you how to disable the Spectator mode feature here. To turn off this mode and prevent others from watching your matches, follow the steps below.

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What is PUBG Mobile’s Spectator Mode?

Users can watch their friends’ or clan crew’s live matches using this feature. When players are waiting for their friends to enter the lobby, this feature comes in handy.

So, while it is an exciting addition, many players appear to despise it. Although there is no apparent reason for the animosity, it is possible that some players do not want to be watched.

Several users have recently messaged us asking how to disable Spectator Mode in PUBG Mobile. As a result, we’ve decided to share a working method for turning off spectator mode in PUBG Mobile.

Deactivating ‘SPECTATOR MODE’ in PUBG

  • Open PUBG mobile game on your smartphone and wait for the loading process to complete.
  • When the Home screen appears, tap the Settings (gear icon) to access the settings section.
  • Look for the ‘Basic’ tab in the game settings and tap it.
  • Scroll down the ‘Basic’ tab until you see the ‘Allow Spectator’ option.
  • Toggle this option on or off to enable or disable the ‘Allow Spectator’ feature. After you’ve done this, only the members of your in-game team will be able to see your matches.

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Another method to deactivate Spectator Mode in PUBG

  • To begin, go to your Android’s App Drawer and select “PUBG Mobile.”
  • Wait for your Android smartphone to load the game.
  • Tap the ‘Settings’ icon once the app has loaded.
  • Select the ‘Basic’ tab.
  • Scroll down to the Basic tab and uncheck the ‘Allow Spectators’ option.
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