How to create Custom Room in PUBG Mobile

The e-sports are quite popular nowadays among most of the players worldwide. When the list starts then I am sure that one game would surely in it known as players unknown battleground. But the players call it PUBG. The game has gained a lot of popularity since it was introduced in the market. Till date, it’s one of the popular virtual sportspeople are so fond of. But the game comes with a lot of features that the players are not even aware of. One such feature is known as custom rooms. This article will cover some of the important points related to the feature of custom rooms in PUBG mobile. Such as what do custom room mean by, what is its role in the game, how can the player access it inside the game and many other questions like that. The custom room feature is good for everybody whether you play will your friends or family or even is a steamer that likes to play with the subscribers. I will explain everything in brief kindly go through it.

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What are Custom Rooms in PUBG Mobile?

At the first place, we will understand what are custom room in PUBG game. This is a unique feature of PUBG Mobile game which allow the player to create a private custom room with the room cards and then can play with or against anyone in the game. In this password is been created that can be shared to invite anyone with whom the player wants to play the game. The people who have the id and password of the customs room are only allowed to enter without this the permission is not given. This is one the reason why players use it as it’s such a unique feature to be explored and make use of it in your play without much problem in between. The password here is set by the player who has created the custom rooms. Also, they can select the map as well as the server according to their preference. The custom rooms can be used for many other purposes such as for conducting tournaments, various types of events and also matches. 

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How to create Custom Rooms in PUBG Mobile?

For creating custom rooms in PUBG mobile the player should have a room card. This is one of the basic requirements to enable this feature. Without the room card, the player will not be able to create the custom rooms. Once you have the card you can follow the steps written below to enable the feature:

  1. At the first step kindly open the PUBG mobile game and then go to the main lobby. There you would be able to see the option to select the mode this can be done by you and here you can select the mode, map and even the server as per your preference.
  2.  Just there would even be the option available to select the room click on that and then you can see the option at the left corner to create a room.
  3. Now after this you need to click on the option of creating a room and then select the room material there are mainly two options mentioned there first is the simple room card option and second is the advanced room card option made available as per players convenience.
  4. Just click on the option you like to enable it.
  5. After doing this another window will pop up where the credentials are needed to be set up by the player. The things that are asked are name, password, game mode type, map chosen or selection etc. The match settings can also be customized as per the player’s preference.
  6. Once all these things are completed just go the main page and click on the option of create button to finally create the private room with all the information given.
  7. There in the room section, you will be assigned the team 1.
  8. Now the only thing that is remaining is to share these ids and password with anyone you want to play with such as family or friends. With the use of the credentials shared by you, they would be allowed to enter the private. This no entry security rule is enabled to provide the players with privacy.

How to join a Custom Room in PUBG mobile?

Some players are confused as they are not aware of how the custom rooms can be joined. Firstly, open the PUBG mobile game in your device and wait in the main lobby where you need to just tan on the map selection and select the room there the credentials can be entered and then you are good to go. 


I hope the article was able to clear all your doubts. Kindly follow all the steps without skipping anything in between.

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