How to copy WhatsApp status video of others

It has been a decade since the amazing app of WhatsApp entered as a blessing in our lives and since then it has made various ongoing troubles faced by human connect quite easy. The app has been coming up with a lot of advanced features from time to time and each time something new makes an amazing entry. The feature of the status video is also one of those amazing features that are currently used by almost every WhatsApp user. The idea behind this feature was originated from Snapchat. However, WhatsApp rolled the feature in its turn so that nothing is viewed by the users as copied. Mainly one can say that the app has left no stone that may turn itself as a mimic of Snapchat’s feature.

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The video status feature is available for 24 hours and since this feature is been used by a lot of people lately it has acquired to get a lot of popularity from people worldwide. Everything related to this feature of the app is great only the one thing that keeps getting in the way is that people are not probably allowed to download the WhatsApp video status of others. This even is not liked by most of the user as if something is liked by them then there is no permission granted to allow the download. Apart from this, it is not always that the video uploaded as a status is from the person’s gallery itself but it can be something a steady video just been recorded from the app itself and then directly uploaded. So, here if the same person also tries to download his or her status then that is also not been allowed due to some security restriction been issued by the WhatsApp app.

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There are many active users of this app who has been seeking the answer to this very question for a long time as to how one can copy the WhatsApp status of others. In this article, we are going to suggest the steps to do the same using android, iOS devices. The one thing that must be kept in the note is that the WhatsApp app has not given any kind of authorization to save someone’s status video. Thus, make sure that you are having the consent of the person whose status you are going to copy so that you can avoid all kind of legal troubles. Let’s start the steps-by-steps method explanation written below:

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How to copy WhatsApp status video in Android Devices

Before you are good to proceed with the below steps make sure that you have already watched the video status

  1. Now proceed to the google play store and download the ES File Explorer. It will just take few minutes to complete.
  2. Now after this you are required to tap on the ES file explorer and then directly open the settings in your device. Go to the menu options available on the left side of the screen. Then in there click on the display settings available and then turn on the shown hidden file option.
  3. The next thing that you are required to do is to proceed towards the WhatsApp folder present under the phone storage or the SD card and in there click on the media option
  4. In there you could see the folder named as status that would have all the stored video, photos already downloaded in there.
  5. From there you can easily view the status video of your contacts.
  6. As now all the videos are present in front of you kindly download the one that you want to store

How to copy WhatsApp status video in IOS Devices:

As in android phones, you were allowed to dig up easily in the internal files of the WhatsApp app.

But in the case of iOS devices, this is not possible due to certain restriction from the company point of view. Apart from this, there is not any third-party app that can help you here in downloading the status video as done on android devices. But the other option that is used by several people worldwide is screen record through which the entire status video is easily saved in your gallery. There is no audio problem with that first of all. The method is quite simple as you are just required to permit to record the video and then watch the status and this the whole this need to be done without any other complex method in here. There is even the feature through which the screen video stored in the galley can be edited as by the capturer point of view.

Kindly make sure that the consent is already been asked from the person whose status video is been recorded so that legal problem can be avoided.


The steps mentioned above to copy the status of other works fine kindly make use of the steps mentioned above. I hope the information shared was useful to all my readers.  

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