How to Change TikTok text to Speech

TikTok has undergone multiple evolutions in the process of creating a space for itself in the social media. From lip synchronisation under a different name to genuine content dissemination, TikTok remains an independent world with several tendencies that organically rise and decrease over time and tide.

One of those trends is the funny text-to-speech subtitling, especially since TikTok has implemented its own text-to-speaking AI, enabling users to turn their captions into more accessible read aloud — with unintended results. But many wonder how they can change the text to TikTok’s speech voice? Well, that’s about it.

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How to Change TikTok Text to Speech

You could have started your own TikTok and shot it with Text-to-Speech and wondered how you could try out some of the other voices that you see in text-to-speech compilations. Unfortunately, the inbuilt text-to-speech by TikTok currently comes with only one voice. Nothing will change the voice of TikTok’s text to speech, in spite of what you might have read about changing Siri’s voice in settings or your language settings nothing will work for TikTok.

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If you want to change TikTok text to speech then you can follow the simple and easy steps given below:

  1. Make Sure First of all, make your TikTok up to the latest version with a text-to-speak feature from TikTok. The feature is still relatively new and, as people, many of us tend to make updates as technologically as possible. In this case, make sure that your device has first of all the latest TikTok version.
  2. Keep in mind what you want to say in advance and how fast you would like it to read — the text-to-speech entry can only last as long as your video. Once the video recording is displayed, press the checkmark at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the text icon at the bottom of the screen, enter the text (bearing in mind the length of the screen), and tap ‘Done’ in the upper right angle. A customizable text box is inserted over the video.
  4. The text entered in the video should give you three options by tapping the text box: Text-to-Speech, Set Duration and Edit. Tap Speech-to-Speech and the embedded Speech-to-Speech AI of TikTok reads your text over the video.
  5. This next part is where we are leaving TikTok to change the voice from text to speech. Once your TikTok is ready in any other way – don’t post it, so that everyone can see it locally on your device. Make sure the Device Save Video option is enabled and posted privately.
  6. Next up, a video editing app – ideally for the phone – needs to be downloaded with voice modifiers. A list of options is provided when adding ‘Video’ to the search keywords together with ‘Voice Changer’ or ‘Voice Modifier.’ Note that many free editors or voice changers leave a mark or block the option of saving edited videos onto the paywall device. We have used Voice mod Clips successfully to create our own custom TikTok with a modified voice text.
  7. When you have selected your video editing application, open it and import the TikTok saved. You can edit the audio like any other normal video here, and voice-specific editors can be used if you have the app you chose to edit the video. Apply any effects you want and then reserve the new modified TikTok on your device.
  8. Now that you have edited TikTok as a single video, open and upload TikTok directly, without any editing, and have a TikTok with a modified Text-to-Speech voice for all purposes.
  9. It works slightly more than if TikTok allows you to use voice modification on uploaded videos or has given you a range of voices from Text-to-Speech, but hey. The Text-to-Speech Voice can be changed on TikTok, so we don’t complain—not too much.

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