How to change server in PUBG Mobile without waiting

How to change server in PUBG Mobile without waiting

Whenever there is a discussion going about games in the market PUBG is surely mentioned. The game from the launch till date has never failed to provide the best experience to its users worldwide. There is a huge fan following behind this amazing game. The developers try their best in coming up with excellent updates making the game more interesting than before. It would be correct to say that people are almost crazy about this game’s performance, graphics and surely the gameplay. As new seasons keep on coming there is new things adding up from time to time. The expectations of players are always high whenever we talk about PUBG. You can just imagine how the crowd reacts when they try something new introduced in the game.

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As in PUBG mobile season 16 of royal pass the developers had tried to make some advance changes within the game by bringing the restriction over on the server change. Previously in the game, the player has the choice to change the server whenever they want. But for your surprise that comes alongwith the PUBG Mobile game for the players is that they are not allowed to change their server for around 60 days once a choice is been made before. As the players enter inside the PUBG mobile a pop-up window comes in font asking if you want to change your server if the player chooses a yes then proceed towards the settings. In the setting, the player clicks on the OK button and soon you would notice the appearing window from where the server can be chosen. There is a complete list to choose from depending upon the user’s preference. As soon the discussion is made and then confirmed by the user then no more change can be done on the server chosen for about 60 days.

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Here is a choice that the player can shift from the one chosen server to another for 1 min without waiting for the long time of 60 days. In the article, I would be guiding you through the procedure that how we can choose from one server to another without any kind for problem been faced. Also, the process is not that complex to follow or understand. This trick method will be working in every PUBG mobile version like Korean, global, Indian and much more. To change the server in the PUBG game the most important thing required is is a friend that is playing with the same server you would like to join and the tier rating required here is above the bronze 3.

Now just follow the steps mentioned below to bypass your server whenever you want. Just take care that you have a person in the same server that you want to join this is an important thing to take care without fail:

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Follow the steps to change server in PUBG Mobile without waiting:

  1. Firstly, open the PUBG mobile game in your device. Then wait until you are completely loaded in the lobby of the game which is the start here.
  2. Once you are in the lobby of the game ask your friend to send you an invitation for the team joining as soon as possible
  3. Now you need to accept the invitation fast and within no long, you would be joining your friend in the lobby as in the same team. Then after this ask your friend to provide you with the leadership of the lobby you both are in.
  4. Now just click on the brothers in arm option made available in the left-hand corner of the game
  5. After this, in the brother in arm option, you will find another option to tab the find a veteran button click on that and with this invite the veterans if is available at that time.
  6. The refresh button should be clicked once you notice there are no veterans present at that instinct. Also, if you are not able to find any veterans then just untick all the options available in the preference section and then go for the refresh button again. Apart from this kindly check the brother in arm settings. This is done to checks that the server is been set as per your preference. This is done as a re-check to avoid the double work if something wrong is been chosen as a human error.
  7. Once the veterans are enabled just keep on the try of inviting him/her by clicking on the invite button. This is one of the important steps as this how the veterans will accept your invitation at the earliest.
  8. Once the invitation is been accepted by the veterans and they join you in the lobby immediately start the match without wasting any time. Now you would be able to play the whole match and stop whenever to want in between.
  9. This trick is easy to follow without much difficulty. Just try not to avoid any steps in between for a better experience.


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