How to change server in Pubg lite without VPN

How to change server in Pubg lite without VPN

In this article, we will teach you how to change the server in Pubg lite without a VPN. How do I change servers? How do I get to a different region? How to switch regions? How can I play with my friends in other regions? These are all questions that many players have asked themselves at one point or another. In this article, we will be addressing these questions and more!

##What is a server in Pubg lite?:

A server is the part of a game that handles all the information about players and gameplay. The number next to each server’s name means how many people are playing on it right now, higher numbers mean more latency and lower numbers mean less latency (less lag). All of the servers are listed in alphabetical order.

The list will also show you if there is any additional info for that specific server, like what type of mode or map they have available on them at this time. You can hover over their names to get an overview as well!

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##Why should you need to change the server?:

The server is the location where you are playing. The servers have different languages and unbalanced maps that determine the player’s skill levels. It can be difficult for new players to succeed in a game against others who are more skilled at it due to their experience with specific regions of map, weapons, vehicles etcetera.

So in order to gain an upper hand and reduce the risk of losing, many players will change their servers.

This is a problem since popular servers have tons of people on them which can lead to lagging or even worse, disconnection from the game completely.

A server change in Pubg lite doesn’t require a VPN because the game is designed to allow you to switch between servers.

##How to change server without VPN?:

It’s funny how some people are so desperate to cheat in PUBG MOBILE that they’re willing to use VPNs or other shady methods. 

Think about it – if you have the patience and time, then just change your server! It only takes one click of a button on World Chat. You don’t need any special software for this either; follow these simple steps:

1. Just go to world Chat in the lobby

2. Click on the Second option (Flag). 

3. Now join battle royal with your desired server e.g EUROPE or ASIA, after joining just leave it to play as normal and enjoy!

##Some Advantage and Disadvantage of changing server:

Some of the advantages of changing server in Pubg lite without VPN might be:

-You can find a new game experience with different players and more challenging opponents.

-It will make you feel like playing on your own servers or just for fun, not to mention it is cheaper than paying a monthly subscription fee. You do not need to install any third-party application either. All you have to do is switch regions so that players won’t know where you are coming from.

However, there are some risks involved too when switching regions. If this leads to disadvantageous situations due to teammates being unable – or unwilling -to change their location as well then they may end up getting eliminated by enemies team who have an unfair advantage.

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So before you decide to change the region, make sure your teammates are willing and able to do the same thing with you.

-Also, if there is a team member who needs help during gameplay due to their device not being compatible or connection issues then this might be troublesome for that person as they will face troubles in performing well on their own – or worse being eliminated altogether because of these problems. This can cause frustration which may lead to quitting the game entirely and overall it leads to an unsatisfactory experience when playing Pubg lite without VPN. What’s more? You still need a mobile data plan from a carrier provider so don’t forget! How would you feel about roaming charges after switching servers? And what about going back to your original server after playing for a while? How would you fare out without VPN if others are still connected and waiting for the enemy team to come back so they can kill them again and get more rewards in-game since it is only one player on their own.

-Another disadvantage of switching regions might be that there will not be any indication as to where players from different countries are located, which may lead to difficulty finding teammates or opponents who speak the same languages as you – even though this does not happen often. So how do we fix these problems then? We have found some helpful websites such as Pubg Stats, PUBG Tracker, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Map Tracker…etc., but none of those provide accurate information about your teammate’s or opponents locations. How can you be sure of their location in-game if they are not even online?

There is also a way to change server via VPN, but there will be restrictions on it such as:

-The player may have trouble connecting and disconnecting from the game when trying to switch regions without VPN due to IP conflicts with other players who play a lot more than others do.

-It might lead to difficulty finding teammates or opponents who speak the same languages as them – which does not happen often either though this would take some time for both parties involved. This means that communication between these two groups would need improvement before switching regions without any additional help available like chat apps, VoIPs…etc. How would this switch affect the game? Well, it depends. If you have ever played games like PUBG then you will know that when there is a team with a communication problem, they are more likely to be eliminated from the map faster than others without any effort whatsoever while having an unfair advantage at all times.

-The player might not be able to find opponents or teammates who speak the same languages as them because nobody wants to change region and everyone prefers their own server which makes it difficult for players in different regions altogether – even if they try hard and communicate often enough before switching regions so as not to face disadvantages by being alone on the battlefield.


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