How to buy pubg uc in India

How to buy pubg uc in India

It was one of the most popular games that had given rise to so many professional gamers in the country, and it was leading towards a bright future for all the professionals for whom it was just a dream that gaming could be taken as a career. Yes, you have guessed it right, we are talking about the most famous battle game pubg. With millions of users competing to win the ultimate battle, this game had gained popularity within a short time from it was released. Over 50 million copies were sold within the first year of the launch for PC and Xbox One. One of the most prominent online streaming games.

It is probably known to every individual by now. Hundreds of players enter a plane and land on an island with the help of a parachute. Empty-handed at the beginning than the ordeal to get the ammunitions, the sole purpose of their survival by killing opponents, and that is where the actual fight begins. This was an interesting concept to study an individual’s behavior during comparable circumstances and the steps they take for their survival, just like a do-or-die situation.

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As an exciting concept, this game has it is more interesting the story behind the man who has created this game Brendan Greene is the man behind this unique game he was born in Ireland and moved to Brazil to work as a professional photographer and a web developer, after failing in marriage within a short time of just two years of being married he returned to Ireland and began his way of developing the game, that attracted many gaming companies to hire him for them. Still, he soon left the organization and left for Seoul, where he met the like-minded person behind the South Korean Bluehole. Impressed by the idea of Brendan, he was hired as the creative director of the pubg and the rest everybody knows. 

After the ban, one of the most searched keywords in the country, all the professional players were forced to switch to other online games; the ban had impacted many gaming carriers who had seen their future in it. The ban had stopped the growth of the online gaming future of the country. But the good news here is still the game is not entirely banned in the country, unlike the other applications. There are legitimate ways to play the pubg game online. While many users still face the issue of buying the pubg UC.

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Pubg Corporation is working on relaunching the game in the country and allowing the users to fully participate in the game in the future, but if you want to purchase Pubg Mobile UC, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to buying the game in India.

Few sites offer to purchase the game to their users, and one such site is Midasbuy, an official store to buy the pubg UC. However, the site also offers extra rewards to its users when the game is purchased. On the website, you can directly buy the UC with the payment options provided that are safe to use, or you can also register on the website to earn the reward points that you can win during the launch of an event.  Below are the steps to purchase the game from the website.

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Select the UC and enter your Player ID in the player ID verification box. If you are unaware of the player id, open PUBG Mobile and click on profile on the top left corner, player id will reflect below the player’s name. Copy the id from there and paste it in the verification box; once done, click on ok and proceed with the payment method as per your convenience.

Once the payment is made, a new popup window will appear on the screen, confirm the age and accept all the terms and conditions displayed in the window. Once done, you will see the details to proceed. After clicking to proceed, you will get the UC in the registered email address inside the PUBG mobile.

Another way of buying the game is from the google playstore. First, open the pubg mobile application and login into your account; on the right side of the screen, you will find the UC icon, Click on the icon, and it will take you to the page where you can purchase the amount of UC you want to buy, after selecting the UC you can choose the mode of payment you wish to make for the purchase of UC. Once the payment is made, the game currency will be credited, and you can enjoy the full feature of the games like you would do before and participate in the live event of the game to win the ultimate battle of Pubg and win many rewards.


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