How to buy free fire diamond

This game certainly requires no introduction; it is currently the only one of the most popular mobile battle games, surpassing so many other mobile gaming games. Free Fire has over 60 million active users worldwide and millions of downloads on the google play store, which is the most prominent achievement one can think of.

Released in September 2017 for android and iPhone users just for fun, the game was launched when battle royales were relatively new, and people were not much into online gaming; all they knew were a few multiplayer gaming by sitting side by side on the computers. Thus, the first pro-type game was released before other popular games landed on PC, later launching the entire match into the mainstream. From then, the rise in popularity of battle royales increased, with the growing interest in mobile gaming and more and more people joining made Free Fire one of the most downloaded titles in the Play Store, a title that they still hold today even after the years of their launch which itself is the commendable remark on the makers.

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This game was developed by 111 Dots Studio using Unity 3D. It is a popular tool among many developer studios because it is free and has various features readily available for download. In addition, the tool gives plenty of features and creative freedom for all the creators who like to create something unique and are always willing to take up new challenges.

Since its launch, the developers have expanded the game to include other fun and competitive game modes to keep their users stuck with the game.  The addition of the new ways has become permanent staples due to their appeal and giving the players a different look. For example, to purchase the ammunition and other vital features that help complete the given task and move to the next level. Furthermore, many different gaming modes provide the user with a real-time experience while playing the game. Like the classic, which is the standard mode to give an experience upto 50 players, then comes the clash squad in which two-team of 4 each compete with each other to win the ultimate battle.

Rush hour for the people who like to complete the game within a quick time; in this mode, 20 players are dropped into a small area and those who are quick win the game. Kill Secured is a game mode whose main objective is to kill more and win the game. Finally, Bighead is an entertaining death match-style game where all the players have big heads, and the visual graphics gives the user a fantastic experience.

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When you open the Free Fire application, it is a convenient way to buy diamonds. You will find the option to buy the virtual currency next to your player’s name. Usually, it requires a credit card to purchase the diamonds, but you can also purchase several other payment methods if you do not have a credit card. Below is the list of applications from which we can buy the free diamonds for the free fire game

SEAGM, also known as Sea Gamers Mall, is one of the most trusted and legitimate sources for buying diamonds. Apart from buying diamonds at a discounted price, the players also can earn free diamonds. Like the highest number of diamonds you purchase, the bonus you get makes the free purchase of the diamonds.

Paytm is a name that every person knows; it is a payment application used by millions of users across the country. The good part is that you can use this platform to top up diamonds in Free Fire. It also offers rewards and cashback for using its platform while topping up diamonds. The offers can be varied from getting a cashback on the purchase of the diamonds or from getting a massive discount during the purchase or the coupons used to redeem for the payment of other services.

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MooGold is the most used and trusted website amongst the players across the globe to buy Free Fire diamonds. Players can directly purchase their currency by entering their Player ID. It also allows availing of the free diamonds from this website by using coupon codes provided during the purchase of diamonds.

Games kharido and Codashop are some of the known applications that help you to purchase the free diamonds for the free games; you can avail the benefit of the free diamonds by making the payments or using the services from the application and earn the reward points that will further help to purchase the diamonds for free. In addition, these applications offer free gaming accessories required by the game during their gaming events.

With the reference given above, you can also target free diamonds and enhance your gaming experience in the free-fire by earning more diamonds.

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