How to Build Natural Backlink to Your Blog in 5 Steps

How to Build Natural Backlink to Your Blog in 5 Steps


The task of building natural backlinks has become a lot more difficult after Google has brought their Penguin algorithmic update. Actually Google says that you should never build backlinks on your own. In other term, you should create such quality contents that automatically attract other website owners and fellow bloggers to create inbound links with your post or blog.


I know it’s difficult for many of you.

What Is Natural Backlink?

Bloggers and different webmasters will links to your article or homepage if they like your content, your explanation and your expertise in particulate field. This type of link building is known as natural link building and it truly need a lot of dedication.

One another important point is that, these types of links can be dofollow, nofollow, anchor text-based or without them. These link may originate from, bloggers who are in the same niche as yours ( which usually happens ), or from those who are not in your niche. It can come from news websites or from one day old blog. There is simply no limitations.

Google have already told that they can very wisely differentiate between natural and unnatural links.

So How to Build Natural Backlinks

The first 4 methods listed below are not going to help you build natural backlinks directly. But they can surely help you do so and will also gain you some extra exposer.

  • Guest Posting
  • Forum Posting
  • Commenting
  • Request
  • Superior Content

1. Guest PostingI think it’s the best and the most efficient way to build natural backlink to your blog along with dofollow relative tag. You can use anchor text or direct hyperlinks. You have complete control on your article and wording. And you don’t only get links but you also build up audience for your blog.

Always try to write posts for high pagerank sites or for those blogs which have high authority in your concerned niche. You can drive lots of sudden and sustainable traffic. And with this overflowing blog traffic you can build extra audience, subscribers, email list or can utilize for other purposes.

There are many websites which allow their authors to add byline in the end of their article. And some even allow their guest bloggers to connect their social networking profile to the post. All this simply provides you with extra exposer to blogging world. Overall you can use guest blogging for SEO.

2. Forum Posting For Link Building

It’s another best and free way to build backlink. Forum posting is usually very easy and simple to perform. You can easily write more than 30 to 50 forum posts every hour. It’s the simplest way to get more traffic and more subscribers. With every post you write you increase the chance to get more visitor. But remember that for putting links in posts you have to write few of the verified responses.

There is no need to find common interest based forums sites for natural link generation. But here are few of the example: For SEO, webmaster can go to Google webmaster forum, webmastertalkforum; for designers there is world’s biggest designer community devianart, for WordPress developers there is official WordPress forum.

There are so many forum sites, but most of them are nofollow. But they may provide dofollow links from signatures. Go through the

3. Commenting Helps Build Connection

It is one of the biggest source of traffic for my blog according to Google analytic. But the problem which arise here is how to select blogs to comment.

Personally I pick three words for a day and just conduct a search on Google. Say my words are blogging tips, WordPress magazine themes and linkbuilding. All the sites which come in the first 5 list in all the three searches, I just put the comment on to them. I wish they approve the comments. In almost every 10 comments, 1 comment contains the links from my inner article.

There are many blogs which give dofollow links to their top commentors. Always try to give genuine response. Read article, dig out the mistakes and correct them. This will help you get recognized by community. The best place is mashable, The Huffington Post, problogger, copyblogger.

There are certain sites like 1stwebdesigner, problogger where even juts one approved comment can bring hundreds of visitors. But just remember that you should get established as a regular commenter. This will help you a lot and please never try to spam on any of the sites.

4. Request

I usually get many links request. But most of the request comes from those blogs, which are not in my niche. And linking to such sites may cause unnatural link building penalties from Google panda.

Before asking for any link sharing you should first have very well and established blog with at-least one or two page-rank. Now try to ask for link sharing with those bloggers who are in your niche. This will prevent any kind of unnatural links penalty.

Never share any of your links with those bloggers who have backlinks from black-hat sites or p0^n sites. This will just harm of domain name to the hardest level. Remember that I am not asking you all to join any kind of link exchange programs or link farms.

5. Superior Content Means Super Backlinks

As already said, people will come to your site if you have good content. And they will link to your articles or homepage if you have extraordinary content which really attract linkback. Below are few of my tips.

  • Always try to use good images and videos to make your post interactive.
  • Always use correct pronunciation and wording.
  • Don’t ever try to copy anyone’s content.
  • You may use their idea and frame your own sentences.
  • Use easy to read wording and always be clear and direct.
  • Never ever use words like p0^n, f*^k, s#x, go to h””l in your articles.
  • Also try to keep you article length more than 1000 words, since Google loves lengthy content and also rank them higher.

I wish I would be able to help you build natural backlinks. These were five of my personal strategy which I always use and it always work. If you still have any question or problem, then please let me know about it in comment area. Get Complete Knowledge as how to build natural backlink to your website by joining SEO Training in Delhi or complete Internet Marketing Course in Delhi.



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