How to Build Minecraft Nether Portal

The game of Minecraft was able to acquire a lot of attention from players in the past few years. The game in this time has undergone a lot of new changes. All these new changes have improved the game in many possible ways. There is a certain upgrade made which was compulsory for every player to implement. The route of completing a nether portal in the game of Minecraft is quite a long method and is extensively arduous. As when you are playing a game in the survival phase mode there are a lot of tasks assigned a lot of tasks.

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This comprises whipping out obsidian blocks and is quite igniting most of the time. This thing most of the time required a lot of practice. So, in here finishing a nether portal means gaining access to a lot of hellish nethers which comprises many possible things handy, a place filled with many possible hostile mobs, then there is intimidating environment and also imposing nether fortresses. As per many players, the place can consist of a lot of unique materials and crafting items. Though all this place can be termed as a valuable location to access various things. So, in this game, the players can build a nether portal that acts as a doorway between the so-called overworld and the nether. The portal can be easily used to move between the overworld and the nether whenever you like to do so. In this game of Minecraft, there are certain materials one can use to build a nether portal. Players can use obsidian, flint, steel as well as fire charge.

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Steps to Build Up Minecraft Nether Portal

There is certain number of steps that the players are required to follow to build nether portal:

  1. The first thing to do is to gather the necessary resources you require 10 obsidian blocks. This is the material of the portal frame. This material can be found in the places where lava comes in the contact with water. But one thing that must be taken care of is that the obsidian blocks should be mined with a diamond pickaxe. The second thing that is required cobblestone which is even referred to as filler block. This will simply be used to provide a shape to the portal. The things required at last is the flint and steel. These are even important materials that can be easily gathered from almost anywhere.
  2. The second thing that should be done is to place a proper line of the two obsidian blocks on the ground. This will be used to form the bottom of your portal which is a kind of important step to implement as without a base a proper building would not be build and that is the reason it will often fall. Players must ensure that this step is properly done without any kind of mistake.
  3. Now in the third step, the players are required to place a cobblestone that blocks both the ends of the so-called line discussed in the above step. This step will mostly leave you with a proper line of blocks that is mostly for blocking the long as well as one wide block creating problem in this kind of set up. The player must take care of this step. Kindly try to pay extra attention here.
  4. The fourth step involved in building Minecraft nether portal is kind of important and this one of the steps most of the player makes mistake in. As in this step you are required to place a stack of three obsidian blocks on top of each of the cobblestone block. This set up will create two parallel as well as three blocks tall on top of the placeholder created through the cobblestone. Let’s see the next step after this.
  5. In this fifth step, the places are requested to place a cobblestone block on the top of the obsidian block. This is mostly done because you need to use a scaffold that can be even be termed as a towel which is made out of the dirt.
  6. In the sixth step, you are required to bridge a particular distance been formed between the two cobblestone blocks placed earlier with the obsidian. This will ensure that you use two obsidian blocks to implement it perfectly. After this step, you must have a four-block wide as well as a five-block tall portal in a rectangular shape. Also, 10 blocks in this are obsidian.
  7. In the seventh step kindly remove the cobblestone blocks placed earlier. This is done using the pickaxe so that each of the four-cobble stone blocks placeholders can be easily removed.
  8. Now finally in the eighth step, we will be equipping the flint and steel. The step is quite simple and to do this there are certain instruction listed down in there.
  9. Now finally we have reached the last step where you are required to light one of the obsidian blocks. Steps can be seen in the portal kindly follow.

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I hope the steps mentioned above are clear and fine. Kindly try these.  

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