How to Breed villagers in Minecraft

How to Breed villagers in Minecraft

In the game, Minecraft players can easily interact with the villagers to achieve certain items within the gaming world. As there are various types of villagers available each villager will grant the player different items as the villagers have their unique job to be done within the game. One more option that is available with the player is to breed its villagers within the Minecraft game. In such a case the player can go to the villagers to trade with them and in exchange can get some rare things that will be beneficial further in this game. The villagers mainly trade with the player for emeralds or even other items in exchange that they have with them. While there are few villagers out there who mainly trade with the players for food in exchange for emeralds or maybe other stuff too.

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 Several items can be used for trading by the villagers when the player approaches them such as enchanted weapons, enchanted books, ender pearls, iron, armour, chain for chain armours which is, of course, one of the rarest armours found within the Minecraft game, rare food supply and sometimes items such as a crossbow or regular bow with the arrows. The importance of villagers in this game is quite huge but it is possible that sometimes the player has to struggle a lot to find these villagers or village due to a lot of time is wasted just in the search process which is not good. One more important thing that the player needs to remember is that he or she cannot enter a village with a bad omen effect. This will scare most of the villagers which will certainly cause them to go inside their houses or flee. To remove the omen, the players must drink the milk before going inside the villages. And if the player wants to start his or her village then the option available to do so is through the process of breeding. The process of breeding is quite simple to do. I hope till now most of you already understood that what the topic that we are going to discuss in today’s article which is how can a player breed villager in the Minecraft game. So, if you someone who is been looking for this topic then kindly continues to read further.

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In Minecraft players can build anything if they have sufficient time in hand. This includes various things such as farms overflowing with pigs, sleep and even Minecraft horses that players can easily breed. The breeding of animals however can be quite beneficial for the players as they can get required food materials whenever they want. This thing is quite easy to understand that why players always want extra periods of sleep, cows around and that is the reason why there is a necessity to breed villagers. But the players who are up to building a villagers trading hall may surely want more people to fit in. Apart from this, the villagers will be of great help in farming the food that the players can take without actually having any worry for the players to farm themselves.

Even the player can build up an iron golem to help them protect the village, villagers and in keeping all the food production safe from any kind of raiders.  breeding the villagers is not a hard task to do infract it is something that even a beginner player can learn quite easily. Breeding villagers are quite similar to breeding animals except for one thing that it takes a greater amount of food as compared to the animals. Now the main question how can we breed them. Well to get the villagers to breed the player must need a huge amount of food. As when food is kind of thrown on the ground near a villager the mob in such a situation will try his best to run and grab it as soon as possible. As the amount of food will mainly convenience the villagers willing to breed and vice versa. The villagers would not prefer to breed until and unless they have sufficient food in their respective inventory. The player’s job here is to keep feeding them until and unless they have, the player can see the hearts surrounding the villager’s head. As in such case, they are considered full and, in the mood, to do anything the player like. The next thing that the player needs to do is to lay down the beds for breeding the villagers.  

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At least three or even more beds should be placed to initiate the process. The whole concept here that the player should provide enough food to a couple that they believe that now they can support a child and after that, the couple will most likely have a kid and in the same way the process continues. This very process is not weird but of course, can be used when you are somewhat bored with the actual gaming stuff.


I hope the process mentioned above will be a great help to all my readers out there.       


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