How to become a Cyber Security expert in India

The field of cybersecurity is in high demand in the current situation where the world is dealing with COVID-19 and every individual is forced to carry all his or her work from work with the extreme use of the internet. As we already are aware that the domain of cybersecurity mainly deals with protecting information online. There are designed firewall systems that are mainly held for protecting information as well as the network from all kind of dangerous viruses and hackers. Cybercrimes have increased so much in number in the past few years and that is the main reason why anyone planning a career in this field has a lot of options available handy. But apart from all this now the number of professionals in this very field of cybersecurity is kind of low and that is why these cybercrimes are not stopped at the correct time before it was away almost everything from the user.

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As per all kind of information shared online, many people advise as well motivate the young mind to opt for cybersecurity as a successful option for one’s career. The professional working in the field of cybersecurity has so much responsibility on his or her shoulders and one such important responsibility is to protect data belonging to an organization from getting hacked and misused by a hacker. This is why companies nowadays are paying lacks of money to cybersecurity professional to ensure that all of their data remains secure from mishappening going around the world. Digitalization is something that is been spreading everywhere like a disease and when that happens it is quite sure that responsibility held by a hacker is increased to an extreme level at once and this work does not become less with time but only kept on increasing from time to time. A cybersecurity professional is being successfully assigned in various places such as government agencies, private sector, banking systems, military agencies, final domains and many other important sectors too. Therefore, one can simply conclude that data security is one of the initial jobs a cybersecurity person is held responsible for. There is a different level from which the professional mainly operate from. The roles can differ from organization to organization but the main one will be the same which is data security for sure. Other related responsibilities are online threats awareness, protection from data breaches and many other responsibilities like that. There are many important things that a person must consider if plans to have a career in the field of cybersecurity.

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How to Become a Cyber Security Expert

To become a professional of this stream in India one should possess a B. TECH degree in the stream of computer science and after that must have some exceptional qualities that are required in the profile of this job. The quality such as problem-solving skills, quick learning and analyzing ability, have a relevant interest in the security field so that important concept can be learned and understood at the same time, multitasking ability so that various works can be handled at the same time and of course integrity is one the most important thing required in here. Let’s briefly see all this.

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  1. The student must have cleared the 12th board exam from a non-technical background with a great mark.
  2. After this student must opt for a diploma, B. Tech, or BE courses in computer science. Cyber Security or information technology courses are also well considered in this field. Anyone among this will be ok to opt for.
  3. Some of the most popular courses are Diploma in Cyber Security, BE in information technology, B.Tech information technology, B.Tech in Cyber Security and forensics, B.Tech in information technology but for opting any of the courses mentioned above the student should be able to clear the entrance exam conducted on the university, state or national level every year.  
  4. After completing graduation, the student opts for a master degree in the cybersecurity field or do MBA popularly in demand.  

Roles and Responsibility of a Cyber Security Expert

Now let us look at the various responsibility one will be responsible for one’s he or she is hired as a cybersecurity professional. Also kindly make note of one important thing is that the stream of cybersecurity is the one that demands more and more practice. The high time one invests in practising in this stream the more salary is been offered. Let’s look at the task here:

  1. Conducting various tasks that demand safeguarding the data from time to time.
  2. Look towards the organization problem and fix it within the given time frame.
  3. Designing firewall systems
  4. Protecting the various network and the linked information that is held for monitoring data files etc.
  5. To keep the system updated with the latest virus safeguard system that is used for carrying out the various operation in a more efficient manner.
  6.  Providing training to users from time to time
  7. Monitor all kind of security awareness activities going in the organization.
  8. Provide updated reports to respected authorities

Career options available:

There are several career options available here such as:

  1. Security architect
  2. Security engineer
  3. Chief information security officer
  4. Security consultant
  5. Security analyst


All the information shared above will surely help you if planning to have a career in cybersecurity. I hope the article was helpful.

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