How to Appear Offline on Whatsapp While Chatting


WhatsApp consistently shows your contacts whether you’re online now, or when you were the last online. Each time you sign into WhatsApp, you are really communicating your online status to the world. Also, when somebody sees online and messages you, it turns out to be truly hard to overlook that individual and not answer back. 

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Perhaps you simply need to check your messages without telling others you’re online Or then again perhaps, you simply need to stay away from certain individuals on WhatsApp and don’t need them to see your Online or Last Seen status. Shockingly, there is no choice in WhatsApp to kill these features. 

Today, I am going to explain you how to hide your online status and go invisible on WhatsApp in Android. In this way, be prepared, to turn to disappear on WhatsApp. 

Step 1: Hide Blue Ticks and Last Seen Options From Your  WhatsApp Account. 

You can disable blue ticks read receipts and last Seen status in WhatsApp security settings. Blue ticks status shows your contacts, regardless of whether you’ve perused their messages. Also, the “last seen” status shows the last time you were online on WhatsApp. 

Hide blue ticks in WhatsApp 

You can adjust your protection settings to not inform your contacts when you have perused their messages. Disabling blue ticks read receipts status in WhatsApp is straightforward. Open WhatsApp on your Android, and head to Settings, then Account, then Privacy. Presently, turn off the switch close to “Read receipts”. 

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If you disable “Read receipt” on your smartphone, you’ll likewise not have the option to see blue ticks on messages sent by you. 

Hide last seen status in WhatsApp 

Through the protection settings, you have the alternative to control who can see your last seen. Here’s the way to debilitate the last seen status in WhatsApp. 

On your Android smartphone, open WhatsApp, and go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Last seen. Presently, set the Last Seen choice to Nobody

Step 2: Hide Online Status in WhatsApp 

WhatsApp doesn’t permit clients to hide their online status. In any case, this doesn’t mean you are out of choices. We’ve discovered 3 ways to hide online status from your contacts, while as yet having the option to read messages. You can utilize any of them. 

Enable WhatsApp Group notifications:

When the popup notices feature is empowered, WhatsApp shows messages in a spring up(pop-up) window. You can read, view, or hear them out without going online. However, recall, in the event that you attempt to answer from that popup screen, it will show your online status to the contact. To empower this component, go to WhatsApp Settings > Notifications. Presently, set the Popup notice choice to Always show the popup

Turn on Airplane mode 

At the point when you turn on Airplane mode, your information association is totally cut off. WhatsApp won’t work without the internet. So now, you can enter the application and check all your uninitiated messages. From that point forward, exit WhatsApp, and clear it from the ongoing tab on your smartphone. Thusly, you can read your messages without going online, and furthermore, your last observation won’t be changed. 

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Use GB Chat Offline application 

You can impeccably hide WhatsApp online status by installing an outsider application called GB Chat Offline on your Android. Utilizing this application, you can check your WhatsApp messages, answer, and send messages without seeming on the web. Likewise, while utilizing this application, WhatsApp doesn’t record your last seen time. Here’s the way to utilize the GB Chat Offline application. 

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1) Download and install GB Chat Offline from Google Play Store. 

3) After installation, open the application and give access to download it. 

4) Presently, open the GB Chat Offline application to check your uninitiated messages. Keep in mind, you shouldn’t open WhatsApp. All things being equal, you have to visit from the GB Chat Offline application to show up disconnected while chatting. 

Thus, you’ve figured out how to show up disconnected on WhatsApp without being online. Presently, individuals can’t see when you kept going online on WhatsApp..