Hiding Stuff behind another media : Mr. Robot


If you too are a big fan of Netflix Orignal Series “Mr. Robot” then you definitely remember the things Which Elliot make some DVD’s of every person hacked data. What actually Elliot is doing is known as steganography, the process of hiding information within another form of data, for example, we hide some document behind any image or any other media.Others would only see the picture or hear the audio file.

If we just go through the exact scenario from Mr. Robot, Elliot using a software named “DeepSound” for hiding information within audio files, but there are other more tools available for steganography some of are:

Xiao Steganography
Steghide: Read more about it.

Well, we all love Linux but as for now, DeepSound was developed for Windows.

Have a look how it works :

STEP 1: Downloading Deep Sound
From here you can download the DeepSound for windows.

STEP 2: Open and select the carrier file which you want to put it on the cover.
Then, go for the data you want to hide behind that cover file.
Set passphrase an ALL DONE!

Your stegofile is ready to write in your discs.



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