Group SMS Facility for Sending Bulk SMS to Friends Relatives



Group SMS is a way of providing bulk SMS facility. The person can send a very large number of SMSs to any number of persons he wants by this feature. This allows him to send messages to a number of people in relatively short time. There is no need to send the SMSs to individuals separately. This is the fastest way of sending bulk SMS to a number of people.

The first step in sending group SMS is to create a list of the people to whom the person wants to send the SMS. The list may include friends, relatives, colleagues and other important people whom the person wants to contact frequently. After that, all that the sender needs to do is to create the SMS and send it to the list which he has already created. This completes the procedure.

There are several different features offered by the group SMS services. An instant activation on purchase is the most important feature of this service. The subscriber needn’t to wait for long to get the service activated. This is the most important feature which has made it popular all over the world. There are no hidden charges for this service. The recharge of the SMS credit is also quite easy. Both limited and unlimited validity plans are available, out of which the customer can choose the one that suits his requirements the best. They also provide an outstanding and excellent customer care service all the 24 hours of the day and all the seven days of the week. Message log (count of the number of sent and received messages) facility is also available, which helps the person to keep track of the number of messages that are left in his package. An excel plug-in is also available for this facility.

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There are several different group SMS packages, which provide different number of messages at different costs and different validity. These packages are usually economical, considering the excellent services offered by them and the time and energy saved by them. Hence it is always better to purchase such a package. Different companies offer different packages. Even though all of them are profitable and of good use, one must choose the best one among them, because all the packages don’t suit the needs of every individual. Hence care must be taken to select the proper package.

There are different bulk message software for downloading from the internet at free of cost. A customer can create his own account in the website and purchase the package by paying the prescribed amount via net banking, debit or credit card facility. Once he creates an account, he will be given a register id and password, which he can use at any time in future for purchasing the packages.

There are demos in the website that are available for understanding the process of bulk message sending. These demos are free for anybody who purchases any package and there are no additional charges. Thus by buying a good online bulk SMS package, one can make the process of sending large number of SMS to a large number of people an easy and time saving job.