Google Classroom MOD APK Features & Download

Google Classroom MOD APK Features & Download

Many of us are already familiar with the google classroom application that was introduced by Google mainly for pupils and educators. For fast few years the application is being used by almost every educational institute for various purposes like conducting exams, providing assignments and collecting assignments and much more than that and as we are familiar will the circumstances of 2020 in which we humans were compelled to sit at home. At that worst time, the application came as a very effective, cheap and moderate way for schools, colleges and even companies to continue with their work without much trouble. Google classroom is free to be used in educational sectors comprises of schools, colleges etc. In simple words, the application provides completely free service to anyone who has a private Google account. This reduces a lot of efforts been put by both students as well as teachers not only at school but also outside the school. Both time and paper are saved with many other features like communication done easily, announcement, organized and well monitored at any time the particular person wishes. Many of us are not aware of the information that the google classroom is an important part of G workspace for education which mainly comes with an overall package that includes various application of Google like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Calendar and many other apps too. It is mainly targeted to the teachers and students.

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One of the greatest advantages that the application provides is it is quite easy to be used so that we can effectively encourage collaboration between both educational sectors and the students. The teacher can create the class within the apps making all the student join it with the help of the class name and the class code which is more like a password. No of the students joined can be monitored precisely and the work status can be changed according to the teacher point of view. The student joined within the class can see all the information being shared by their teachers whether it’s an announcement, assignment etc. Even there is a facility through which the students can ask any kind of doubt from the teachers using the public or private chat options. Google classroom has been recognized as one of the best solutions to many problems faced by today’s educational sector. Even the application has integrated with a lot of third-party applications, such as many instructional tools available in the market, digital literacy solution and even various coding software’s. The Google classroom MOD APK version is quite famous among the users. Apart from this, it’s even available to be used as an app in various android as well as iPhone devices.

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Features of Google Classroom MOD APK

Let’s look at some of the popular features of this application:

  1. The classroom themes can be set as per the logo of the college or the colour
  2. This application is quite simple to install
  3. The assignments, texts, and other content related to the course can be used reused in the future.
  4. There can be many things added as content to the assignments such as video, PDF, Audio etc.
  5. You can even share any kind of content by making use of this application
  6. Draft the assignments or announcement beforehand and make the schedule accordingly
  7. View all the assignment and can even be downloaded on the device as well
  8. The google calendar can be checked to see the deadline of any assignment being given
  9. The grades can be exported easily using an excel sheet
  10. Set permission for students to make changes or not
  11. The classes can be hosted online using Google meet link. This link can even be shared on the Google classroom
  12. The originality of reports can be determined using the plagiarism tool.

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How to Download Google Classroom MOD APK

The steps used to download the Google classroom MOD APK version is very simple to follow:


  1. Open the link
  2. The download will automatically start in 5 seconds
  3. Kindly wait until the file is completely downloaded
  4. Proceed to the location in your device where the downloaded file is stored initially
  5. A kindly click opens the application
  6. It doesn’t work proceed to the setting and there enable the unknown resources
  7. After this try again
  8. Provide necessary permissions which are asked as per your preference
  9. The application will be installed within some seconds
  10. Kindly open the MOD APK file and enjoy the feature of this amazing app


Google Classroom is a great application that can help you a lot. Kindly try it and see. It keeps the work organized and well maintained as compare to many other platforms. Many schools, colleges as well as organizations in today’s time is successfully using this application and are well satisfied with its overall performance. I hope the article was helpful to all my readers.


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