Golden Sunrise Bundle in Free Fire

Golden Sunrise Bundle in Free Fire

Free Fire is an amazing game that is been played by millions of players worldwide. The game of Free Fire in recent times has gained a lot of popularity and this was possible due to many possible reasons such as its amazing gameplay, extraordinary plots to discover and the most important feature is the regular updates that take place from time to time. These updates are released in a basic pattern so that the player can get something new within few days. This gesture is been shown by the developers so that the active players of the Free fire game does not get bored with the same features and plot whenever they play the game. Apart from this the other reason is to make its player stay connected to the game as many popular games such as PUBG in its Indian form is making its return in the country in such situation getting hold of player will be a difficult job perhaps. Now coming to the main topic that will be seeing in today’s article related to Free Fire recent update on the Golden Sunrise Bundle and then steps involved in achieving the same.

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This is an important topic as certain steps are required to be followed to complete the whole process and some minor mistakes are required to be avoided at some levels. So, if you someone looking forward to knowing more about this very topic then kindly do read the article till the very end. As most of us are already aware that Garena is always coming up with new and amazing events that are mainly a surprise for the players. As the players of Free Fire is been offered various rewards within the game to maintain the hype. As there are millions of active players of Free Fire game that plays the game on regular basis means almost on an everyday basis. Due to the support of these players the game has managed to cross around 1 billion successful downloads on the Google play store and with that, the game is also leading on the top-grossing game on Google play store. However recently the company has come with a new bundle and many amazing rewards available for the players. This new bundle can be easily obtained from the fantasy hacker store. The awards that are present for the players within the update can claim till 25th August 2021. So kindly hurry up and do not miss the chance. Now let’s move and have a look at the bundle.

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As we know that the game of Free Fire always brings new rewards as well cosmetics to the game. These in-game cosmetics are available in the shop. These items include some new characters, skins, weapon skins, gloo wall skins, backpack skins and many other exciting and attractive things. Now let’s have a look at the complete list of items that players can win by winning the event.

  • Golden Sunrise Bundle
  • Wiggle Walk Emote
  • Mechanical Wings
  • 5x Dragon Fang (M1014)
  • Wasteland M1014 Box
  • Scan Playcard
  • Pharaoh’s Wings
  • Lucretia
  • Goddess of War
  • 5x Venomous Fang (MP40)
  • Wilderness Hunter UMP Box
  • Bounty Hunter Token Playcard

The players are even having the option to select the purple spin to achieve rewards from the purple pool only. This mainly cost the player around 9 diamonds. The players can even select the purple plus yellow spin to get one of the items from the purple pool while the other item from the bronze price pool simultaneously. This will mainly cost you around 19 diamonds. In this way, players can achieve all the items in the purple pool just within the 6 tries been given and then similarly in the bronze prize pool within the Free Fire game. 

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Steps to Get Golden Sunrise Bundle in Free Fire

Now let’s move at the steps players must follow to get the Golden Sunrise Bundle in Free Fire. Well, this is going to be a quick procedure as the steps been involved are very simple to follow up. Let’s start.

  1. At first, the player is required to open the Garena Free Fire game app and then navigate to the calendar section that is available at the right corner of the game home screen
  2. After this process, the players need to click on the news section that is available on the top right corner and then on the Fantasy Hacker store present on the left tab.
  3. Then in there just click on the Go To and then automatically the event will open
  4. The player in here needs to make sure that the correct bundle is been selected such as in this case Golden Sunrise Bundle that too in the initial section of the prizes. This is mainly done so that the player can obtain around 6 tries.
  5. After this just click on the OK button after selecting the prize and soon the draw will be opened.
  6. Players after this need to spin as they wish and then they will get the desired items after some time.


I hope the information written will be beneficial to all my readers. 


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