Gladiators Esports Bids Farewell to BGMI Roster

A Shocking Turn of Events

In a surprising move, Gladiators Esports, as of December 25, 2023, has dissolved its BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) roster, leaving the gaming community in awe. This comes as a shock, especially considering the team’s stellar performance and recent victories in major tournaments.

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A Shocking Turn of EventsGladiators Esports dissolves its BGMI roster, leaving the gaming community astonished, especially after recent victories and stellar performance.
Gladiators Esports’ Remarkable AchievementsThe now-disbanded BGMI roster had an exceptional run, winning two consecutive major tournaments and earning a reputation as the greatest lineup of the year.
Unveiling the TriumphsThe team’s standout performances in BGMI Masters Series Season 2 and Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 contributed to their dominance in the gaming scene.
The Unforeseen DepartureDespite Destro’s earlier declaration of staying with the club, Gladiators Esports surprises everyone by parting ways with their BGMI roster.
BGMI Roster DeparturesGladiators Esports bids farewell to key players – DeltaPG, Destro, Justin, and SHOGUN. The announcement post reflects on the team’s accomplishments and expresses a heartfelt goodbye.

Gladiators Esports’ Remarkable Achievements

The now-disbanded BGMI roster of Gladiators Esports made headlines throughout the year with remarkable achievements. Winning two consecutive big tournaments and claiming the title of possibly the greatest lineup of the year, the team, led by Destro, was riding high on success.

Unveiling the Triumphs

One of their standout performances was in the BGMI Masters Series Season 2, where Gladiators Esports captivated the audience, and Justin from their roster earned the coveted MVP title. The team continued its dominance in the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023, securing both their first official championship and another significant victory.

The Unforeseen Departure

The gaming community was taken aback by the announcement of Gladiators Esports parting ways with their BGMI roster, especially considering Destro’s recent declaration that he and his colleagues would be staying with the club.

BGMI Roster Departures

Following the conclusion of BMPS 2023 on December 17, several organizations witnessed changes in their BGMI lineups. Gladiators Esports joins the list alongside notable teams like Team Soul and Blind Esports. As the 2024 season approaches, teams across the board are contemplating adjustments to meet their evolving requirements.

Farewell to the Players

Gladiators Esports bid farewell to the following players:

  • DeltaPG – Parth Garg
  • Destro – Ammar Khan
  • Justin – Justin Nadar
  • SHOGUN – Pawan Kumar

The official announcement post conveyed a heartfelt goodbye, expressing the difficulty in parting ways with what was considered the best BGMI roster ever. The post also highlighted the team’s impressive accomplishments.

Gladiators Esports’ Achievements Snapshot

Upthrust Survival Saga Season 2Second Place
Upthrust Challengers ShowdownSecond Place
Nodwin BGMI Champions Cup (July)Champions
India Today League Invitational (July)Champions

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  1. Q1: Why did Gladiators Esports disband their BGMI roster?

    A: The exact reasons for the disbandment are not explicitly mentioned. The official statement expressed it as a tough decision.

  2. Q2: Were there other teams making lineup changes after BMPS 2023?

    A: Yes, several organizations, including Team Soul and Blind Esports, witnessed changes in their BGMI lineups.

  3. Q3: What achievements did Gladiators Esports have in the Upthrust Survival Saga Season 2?

    A: Gladiators Esports secured the second position in the Upthrust Survival Saga Season 2.

  4. Q4: Who were the players bidding farewell to in Gladiators Esports?

    A: The players leaving Gladiators Esports are DeltaPG, Destro, Justin, and SHOGUN.

  5. Q5: What is mentioned in the official announcement post?

    A: The post conveys a heartfelt farewell to the players, acknowledging their achievements and wishing them luck for the future.

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