How to Get V Badge in Free Fire?

How to Get V Badge in Free Fire?

Battle royale games like Free Fire are well-liked on mobile platforms, becoming one of the most downloaded and played titles. In recent years, streaming and video production around the game have become more popular, allowing many players to monetize their passion. There has been created a partner program which provides incentives and privileges for content creators and other people associated with Free Fire. Participating in the program is free, however there is a limited amount of space available. In the patch notes of OB25, Garena first introduced the V badge.

This is one of the rewards that players can earn for joining the Free Fire Partner Program. Partner programs will earn members a distinctive V badge in-game that will appear on their respective profiles as well. Consequently, players who wish to obtain the V badge must be a part of Free Fire’s official partner program. Obtain the V badge for Free Fire ID To get the V badge, you need to be a member of the FFPP. There are currently no other options. For access to FFPP, you must meet a number of requirements laid out by Garena officials. 

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To become a member of the FFPP, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. A YouTube channel with over a million subscribers
  2. Engaging, clean, and non-offensive content
  3. The last 30 days have seen 80% Free Fire content
  4. A consistent social media presence
  5. A minimum of 3,00,000 channel views within the last 30 days

Additionally, these are only essential qualifications, and meeting them would not guarantee acceptance into the program.There is also an internal review process, and only the best candidates are selected. Those who are interested in joining the Free Fire Partner Program will have to fill out an application available on the program’s website.

Steps for applying as a candidate in Free Fire Engagement Program:

The following steps can be followed by players:

  1. First, users must visit the Free Fire Partner Program website to access the form.Follow this link to get there.

  1. After that, they can press the ‘Apply Now’ button.
  2. You will be able to fill out the Google Form once the Google page appears. Fill it properly.
  3. Final step: Submit the application by sending the completed form.

There are a number of colored badges handy in the free fire. Following are the codes of the badges. You have to comply with the identical system as cited above. But when including the code, select the coloration which you prefer and then reproduce the code of that color and paste it.

Verified (V) Badge Golden Color Code[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Red Color Code[b][c][ff0000]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Pink Color Code[b][c][ff00ae]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Violet Color Code[b][c][b400ff]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Blue Color Code[b][c]0600ff]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Green Color Code[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Yellow Color Code[b][c][FFFF00]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Orange Color Code[b][c][ff9c00]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Light blue Color Code[b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Parrot green Color Code[b][c][bfff6d]Ⓥ
Verified (V) Badge Scarlet blue Color Code[b][c][00c6ff]Ⓥ

In addition to the V Badge, the partners receive many other benefits and rewards.This includes invitations to tournaments and esports events as well as exclusive merchandise.

There are a number of perks of the accomplice application, one of them is the coveted V badge. Many gamers favor to get their arms on the V badge however few get the threat due to the accomplice application restrictions. Any content material creator can follow the Free Fire Partner Program as soon as they meet the minimal necessities standards set with the aid of Garena. These standards are as follows:

  1. No. of Subscribers have to be higher than 100k
  2. The channel needs to have extra than 300k views in the preceding month with a minimum of 80% of Free Fire content.
  3. The movies ought to be clean, non-offensive, and engaging.
  4. Content creators have to show professionalism and willingness to work hard.

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There are so many v badge free hearth hyperlinks are accessible on the internet, however they are no longer secure to use as they can edit your in-game files, which can additionally lead to your account ban. So, please don’t use them. The legit techniques that can furnish you the V badge are already cited above, so you use them and continue to be away from faux viral hyperlinks of the V badge code.

V badge is well-known in the free fireplace due to trending content material creators being the use of it for the reason that OCT month. Due to its popularity, each and every common participant additionally wishes to gain it on their Free furnace profile. Getting the v badge thru Garena is a bit difficult, and that is why many free furnace gamers select this approach for getting the v badge. I hope that this informative put up was once useful and you received each piece of statistics you have been searching for. Also, don’t forget to share this incredible article with your free fireplace friends. If you desire to get free diamonds, use the free hearth diamond generator device to acquire free 99999 diamonds.

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In this article, we had mentioned the free fireplace v badge. We had instructed you about the v badge, and we had additionally stated the codes of the v badges. We have given you a whole step-by-step manner if you don’t recognize how to add that code. You can without problems add a v badge to your account through following that process.


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