How to Get Skill Points in RLCraft


Skills are a component of the modpack that aid in the development of gear and the survival of the player. There are competence skills that enable the use of objects, as well as passive skills that give benefits without the player having to do anything.

Proficiency Competencies

The Reskillable mod adds eight new competence abilities to the game, each of which unlocks the use of various goods and equipment. Different items and equipment tiers are locked until you have reached a certain level in the skill that they are associated with. For example, in order to utilise a diamond pickaxe, you would need 16 levels in the Mining skill. To wield a diamond sword, you must have 16 levels in the Attack skill.

Farming – This category governs the use of farming-related goods such as seeds and bonemeal.

Agility – This attribute governs the use of dextrous equipment such as bows.

Defense – This category governs the use of protective equipment like as armour and shields.

Building – The location of some ‘creation’ blocks, such as the different equipment forges, is governed by this rule.

Attack – This attribute governs the use of melee weapons.

Collection – Regulates the use of certain equipment such as fishing rods, shears, and various tiers of axes.

Magic – This element governs the use of magical goods such as heart containers and other healing items, as well as the mining of high-tier ores such as silver and gold.

Mining – This section regulates the use of mining-related equipment such as pickaxes.

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There are additionally 2-3 characteristics per skill for each of these competence abilities, which may be chosen to provide helpful passive benefits. Each characteristic, on the other hand, has competence skill requirements, which are often drawn from a variety of abilities. Despite the fact that they need skill points (not XP) to level up, you will typically have more than enough skill points by the time you reach the competence threshold for the characteristic in question. It is possible to reach the proficiency skill menu either by pressing Y on your keyboard or by choosing the 2nd tab on the left-hand side of the inventory menu.

Passive Skills Advance to the Next Level       

Besides Proficiency Skills, Level Up! is another important consideration. Reloaded has three new passive skill trees to choose from. These abilities are usually more expensive than proficiency skills, but they provide active advantages such as greater damage, quicker cooking, or faster mining, among others. When you reach the fifth level of XP, be sure to access the passive skill menu and choose your specialty from the options. This will boost the amount of XP you get from your chosen specialty, but it will not prohibit you from accessing the abilities of the other two specialties. Mining specialty provides 1 extra experience point for every coal and iron mined in this pack, 2 increased experience points for every gold, lapis, and redstone mined, and 4 additional experience points for every diamond and emerald mined.

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Making a specialisation in crafting grants additional experience points for each unique component in the item to be made. For example, making a sword, which has two unique components, grants up to one bonus experience point, whereas making a piston, which has four unique components, grants up to three bonus experience points (the mod author did not specify how many). It is possible to alter the specialty by using the Book of Specialization change. To utilise it, one must, however, be at least level 30. With the letter L, you may enter the passive skill menu.

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Increasing Skills- You’ll want to level up your proficiency skills as soon as feasible if you wish to utilise higher-tiered equipment as soon as possible as a new player. Unless you have the proper skill level, you’ll be limited to utilising stone weapons and tools, and you won’t be able to utilise a lot of other important things as well.

Passive Skills – These are ranked lower in importance since they are not needed for advancement. Even so, you should strive to raise them as much as possible since they provide significant benefits that will aid you in your survival in the dangerous world of RLCraft.

This is necessary in order for them to progress through the levels of experience. These appear in the shape of little glowing orbs and may be obtained via a variety of activities such as fighting monsters, farming, obtaining XP Tomes, and mining.

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Choose the ability that you want to improve in proficiency skill from the proficiency skill menu. If you have the necessary XP levels, you will notice a number in the top-right corner of the screen, along with a little ‘+’ sign. To raise the level of your chosen skill, just click on it once. The levels that have been spent are lost in the process.

When you’re done, go to the passive skill menu and pick the passive skill you’d want to boost. Then, just return to the main passive skill panel and click “Done” after selecting the ‘Increase’ option. If you have not yet hit “Done,” you will be able to undo the modifications you have made to your passive skills. In the absence of a click on the “Done” button, your skills will not be improved.