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Free Fire is one of the most popular games that are played all over the world. The game has been stated with a low pace and minimum follower but the state now explains how far the game has evolved. This game however has many available facilities that players can make use of. Regular Free Fire players must surely have an idea of how important it is that you are connected to the community of this game to remain in the profit zone. So if you are a regular player who has not joined the Free Fire gaming community then it’s high time that you join one. Now some players must raise some regular questions like why is there a need to join such a group. Well the answer is quite simple and at some point, you may understand by yourself but as we are here discussing a similar topic let me make some of the advantages clear. The first advantage is being part of a network where all are engaged in the same sort of activity provides you with a bonus to remain up to date. Also in case you face any minor or major issues with your gaming experience then there would be certain people within the group who can explain the procedure to solve that.

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Apart from these, there are a few more that we will be discussing while diving deep into the article. Now after the name of PUBG got banned in India players are totally in love with the Free Fire game. The support has been great and that is something the developers of this very game always look forward to. One more thing that the developers of this game should be appreciated for is the pattern in which they release new updates. Something new and interesting each time will never make your players get bored of it. Now moving forward it is the question that we started at the beginning of this article which was all about joining with a community. Now how can that be done? It’s simple by making use of the emerging powers of social media platforms as that is the most simple way to do things nowadays. Among the social media, Whatsapp groups are something that is maintained with ease.

In this article, I would be mentioning a few of the popular Free Fire Whatsapp groups. All of these groups are secure and have a bunch of people joined. The groups are even categorised based on language as well the city so that you can select as well join accordingly. As the community of the Free Fire is increasing day by day there is an important emergency that you become part of one that too asap. Also kindly go through the whole article to find the group that matches your preference.    

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Benefits of joining the Groups:

  1. This Whatsapp community is a great platform to create well-functioned communication with gamers
  2. It even provides idea and also helps gamers digitally
  3. There are certain tips as well tricks available that players can make use of whenever stuck in something between matches
  4. Apart from all these the players have the chance available to play custom tournaments with each other at preferable times

How to join these Whatsapp Groups:

The process to join these groups is very simple. There is nothing complex required. The initial requirement is the link. No large experience is needed.

  1. At first find, the suitable link from the list of Whatsapp groups mentioned down below
  2. After this, you will be automatically be redirected to the Whatsapp app
  3. Now click on join group and with this, you are in
  1. Free Fire Legends:

  • The Free Fire Kings

  • Heroic

  • Mk. Gaming

  • All free fire

  • blast free fire


  • Cash overflow with

  • Free Fire Joker

  1. Free Fire War G

  1. Free Fire Battle

  1. ree Fire BattleGround

  1. Lover Of F F

  1. FF ka Adda

  1. fire free gentles

  1. ƒrεε ƒïrε †urηαmεη† 

  1. ɴᴏ ༒ ʟɪᴍɪᴛᴇ

  1. M A S T E R SFF


  • Supcgameplays

  • ༺ⓕⓡⓔⓔ ⓕⓘⓡⓔ༻

  • Free Fire VIP 

  • Free Squad

  • Games World 


  • DJ Free Fire

  • Danger gaming

  • Free Fire Hero


  • legends of free fire


  • Ground NOOB

  • Ff gamers tournament

  • ᴾᴿᴼシ ₣ⱤɆɆ ₣łⱤɆ ⱠØVɆⱤ]彡★

  • Free fire AQ MS


  • gamerz

  • Garena Free Fire

  • Tamilians Free Fire

  • Pro Players of Free Fire


I hope the above-mentioned information was useful to all my readers out there.

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