Free Fire Updates 2019

The Free Fire is updated from time to time like any avid player of the game you know.

However, if we stay a month away, it is possible to miss some updates. So it is something that hinders a performance in the game.

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So, it’s important to keep up with the latest news, whether you’re a newbie or a veteran.

So, in this article I will talk more about it! So, keep reading and find out how to get the latest game updates.

Free Fire Updates 2019

For you to stay on top of everything, I will list for you how to update what happens this year, check!

1. January update:

In 2019, a first update was made on the 22nd in which, the game’s initial menu was redone, there were corrections and:

  • Characters: Moco, a Hacker who identifies enemies on the map;
  • Map: the Cemetery on the Bermuda map;
  • Weapons: ranged dressing, AN94, improvements in Crossbow and melee weapons.

2. Free Fire updated in March:

Therefore, the second update of the year brought a new game mode, or Mortal Revolt, which has hordes of zombies that attack the characters.

You also earn Tokens of Valor to exchange for unique skins. But, do not stop there, because they appeared:

  • Character: the Hayato samurai who has martial skills and increased damage with low health;
  • Map: the area called Observatory on the Bermuda map;
  • Weapons: Katana + improvements in VSS and AN94.

3. May updates:

One last update that has had so far, was carried out on the 8th and brought:

  • Character: a sniper call Laura that is more accurate when using a crosshair;
  • Map: new area called the Shooting Range ( Bullseye ) also on the Bermuda map. In addition, it was added to the Dangerous Zone, which has greater opportunities to obtain weapons and equipment.
  • Weapons and Others: the CG15 futuristic Spiner was launched , a radar that shows where airdrops will drop with good equipment and where it will be next safe zone and the addition of ziplines to Bermuda. Armament slots have improved and new trajectories have emerged;
  • More updates: now or squad jump is synchronized and plays music at that point, optional. In addition, there are improvements in Guild and several other improvements and bug fixes.

4. Last update of Free Fire:

The fourth update of this type was made on June 26th and brought several new features to the players in the new Elite Pass ” Redemption and Fury “ .

  • Character: called Rafael, who fires a total of 8 seconds;
  • Weapons and items: the helmet repair and collection kit that is transportable and new options in the Ranked Tokens store. As for weapons, several changes made (AWM, Kar98, CG15, M14, M79, SKS, VSS, XM8 and AN94) and launched on the Machine Gun which is only available in special mode. In each match you will also have restrictions on the use of weapons.
  • Map: the Toxic Zone now has a random zone that damages the vest and takes life when it is ruined. On the Purgatory map, the Danger Zone is available in casual mode.
  • Others: a new rank, a challenge, an increase to the top 300 players in each region and improvements to the Ranked system.

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Thus, this year the Free Fire was updated 4 times, bringing new weapons, characters, items and changes to the maps.

But, it is worth remembering that on the 1st of this month in a new Elite Pass, or Natos Hunters was launched. In August, wait until 15 ° day that will have a desert theme!

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