Free Fire Tournament Prize Money

The upcoming tournament of Free Fire 2021 is one of the most discussed topics among teenagers in our country. As per the Garena, a group of around 4 professional Indian Free Fire sports will be organized which would be offering the players with great or I can say a massive prize pool. Well, you can guess. Ok, let me clear the doubt that the pool money that is going to be offered to the players is about 2 Crores. This event is going to be organised in the coming few months. To know more you can read the whole article till the end. Kindly do not skip any information as maybe that information may be the most important one. 

Free Fire 2021 Tournament Registration:

The Garena has considered this event for the year 2021. Well, this is mostly done to try to keep up with the usual tempo of this major tournament as per the quarter. You can easily register for this tournament regardless of any background or the level you are in your game. Garena welcomes all the players as well as the team. All the players up there will be given the chance to present their skills. As passion is something that may build so many hidden qualities within you. This is a very valuable opportunity and as per me, players should take advantage out of it as far as they can. This is probably nothing but a national buhne in which the best players of our country will fight against each other in the process of achieving the lion’s share of money reward. With this, the players who win this may also achieve a free ticket to international Free Fire tournaments. Apart from all the professional tournaments, Free Fire is also coming up with a wide range of smaller-scale tournaments of the game. This is going to achieve the next level of craziness within the nation.

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Detailed Roadmap of Free Fire Tournament 2021:

This Tournament Roadmap will be covering two of the business seasons which will be comparing two major tournaments. Among this one is a combination with the free fire Indian Championship (FFIC), a Free Fire Pro league(FFPL). As per calculation around 10000000/- is kept a prize of the winners. Some of the popular Free Fire tournaments of India in 2021 are:

  • Free Fire Indian Championship 2021 Spring
  • Free Fire Pro League 2021 Summer
  • Free Fire Indian Championship 2021 Fall
  • Free Fire Pro League 2021 Winter  
  • Free Fire Pro League:

In every competition, season conducted so far the Free Fire has started with a Free Fire Pro league this is like a must-follow rule. In this pro league, the number of teams getting the chance to qualify for FFIC. This is something huge. If you are a Free Fire player then you must free the sensation out there. This tournament will include a total of 18 teams including the top 12 who would be our finalist from the last FFIC journey and after this, the top 6 are from the selected open qualifier team. Now you may understand the seriousness of this amazing event. Each Free Fire pro league offers around 3500000 of the prize pool and with that, it also determines which among the top 6 teams are capable of directly jumping into the main event FFIC. Apart from this the players or team which may have achieved 7th to 12th position collide with each other to decide the best among them. Each of the Free Fire Pro leaguers has one of the highest numbers achieved.

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Free Fire Pro League Summer 2021:

In the summer of 2021, the Pro league took place from 1 June to 18 July. In this, the pool prize was set around 35 Lakhs. The top six teams that are going to qualify will have direct entry to the main event known as Fall Free Fire Indian Championship. The total gaming crown that has been set for the players to take their home is around 15 Lakhs.

Free Fire Indian Championship:

As per consideration of the National Qualifiers for the lateral entry of the tournament, it is responsible to acquire the best team among the rest. Just this level of the tournament is arranged to get one team from all from any country. This is insane.

The modes are mentioned below:

  1. Stage one is the FFC mode where an open qualifier is allowed to register teams. After this they battle against each other
  2. Stage two is League Qualifier where now the rank from 7th to 12th will; collide with each other.
  3. Stage three is the league stage in which the two performers are now seeded against the top 6 finalists from the FFIC 2020 fall split
  4. Stage four is the play-ins in which all the 12 teams are relegated to play-ins
  5. Stage five is Finals in which the top six teams from the league stage and top-six teams from play-ins battle each other. 

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I hope the information shared was useful to my readers.

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