Free Fire Tips for Beginners

In this article, we will help you with a small Free Fire beginner guide that will allow you to become a champion!

After all, starting a game and learning its gameplay takes time. But, this is essential if you want to get a good performance and win more gold and prizes.

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With that, you will be able to stand out even with so many opponents in this world-renowned game!

Want to know how to become a first-rate player right away? So, keep reading and check out 3 fundamental tips.

Free Fire Beginners Guide

1. Develop your potential:

As soon as you install the game on your phone, try to explore the application and discover all your options.

From characters and equipment to skins and accessories. Even the daily missions, departure types and reward systems.

Then, play a lot to understand how the games work and discover those characters you understand best.

This will define your role within the squad. That is, how will you play in each match:

  • Flanker: is the member responsible for diverting the attention of opponents, he creates the crossfire by positioning himself away.
  • Rush: is the one who goes ahead of the group doing the initial damage on the opposite team.
  • Auxiliary: finally, we have the one who plays at a distance and often known as support since it provides coverage for your team.

In short, you need to know the game as a whole to gain experience and understanding. As well as, to connect and create game partners.

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2. Remember that this is a survival game:

Therefore, it is very important that you first learn to aim well:

  • Advanced Aim: recommended when the opponent is at a distance.
  • Mira Branca: ideal for short to medium distances, as in duels.

In addition, you need to follow some basic parameters in all matches, so that your character is the last survivor.

  • Fall: aim at places without many characters;
  • Loot: collect equipment and supplies that are in place, always taking care not to expose yourself;
  • “Don’t kill”: throughout the game you must survive, so don’t be ashamed to hide as long as you can and let others take care of the initial “kill”.

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3. Have a solid strategy:

P or end, my tip will address two important issues that guarantee their survival in the game:

  • Hideout: know how to use stones and trees to escape from your opponent and stay in the Safe Zone during the game.
  • Items: you can only carry a limited number, so avoid collecting those that are not useful for your game.

Conclusion Free Fire for Beginners

As we saw throughout this article on Free Fire for beginners, you have to play a lot to develop and learn to “read” the games.

It is also worth remembering that it is possible to talk to the members of your squad. So make use of this feature whenever the team is convenient!

What did you think of these tips? Tell us in the comments and share so your friends can also benefit from it.

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