Free Fire Parafal Royale Event Details

Free Fire fans are buzzing with excitement over the latest addition to the game – the Parafal Royale Luck Royale event! This limited-time event, active for two weeks, offers gamers an amazing opportunity to snag exclusive skins for certain weapons and other enticing rewards.

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Event DurationTwo weeks
Spin Cost20 diamonds per spin, 10+1 spins for 200 diamonds
Key RewardsExclusive gun skins (Flames, Windrift, Electron, Firespark), costume components, weapon loot crates, and more
Guaranteed RewardsGun skin within 1000 diamonds, grand prize within 50 spins
Duplicate RewardsGrand rewards never duplicated, all gun skins available within 200 spins
Participation RequirementPlayers must use diamonds to participate in the event
AlternativesSave diamonds for other events with bigger benefits or rewards
Exclusive OfferingsUnique skins, loot crates, armor upgrades, and in-game items

What is Parafal Royale?

Parafal Royale is a special Luck Royale event introduced in Garena Free Fire, designed to provide players with a chance to acquire unique gun skins, weapon loot crates, and costume components.

How Does it Work?

Participants in the Parafal Royale event must use diamonds, the in-game currency, to spin and unlock rewards. Each spin costs 20 diamonds, and players can opt for a 10+1 spin pack for 200 diamonds.

Key Rewards

The Parafal Royale event introduces four stunning gun skins for the Parafal weapon: Flames Undying, Windrift Undying, Electron Undying, and Firespark Undying. These skins were added to the game on March 9, 2024.

Prize Pool Details

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the rewards available in the Free Fire Parafal Royale event:

Parafal – Flames UndyingExclusive gun skin
Parafal – Windrift UndyingExclusive gun skin
Parafal – Electron UndyingExclusive gun skin
Parafal – Firespark UndyingExclusive gun skin
Champion’s SoulIn-game item
Modern Jazz JacketCostume component
White Prosperity (Bottom)Costume component
Modern Jazz GlassesCostume component
Woodland FairyCostume component
Wild NightlifeCostume component
Double Prosperity (Bottom)Costume component
Dazzling Diva (Shoes)Costume component
Enhanced Armor Weapon Loot CrateLoot crate containing enhanced weapons
Great Plunder Weapon Loot CrateLoot crate containing special weapons
Moonlight Ballad Weapon Loot CrateLoot crate with unique weapon skins
Riverdust Splasher Weapon Loot CrateLoot crate with exclusive weapon skins
Titanium Weapon Loot CrateLoot crate containing titanium weapons
Imperial Rome Weapon Loot CrateLoot crate with Roman-themed weapons
BOOYAH Weapon Loot CrateLoot crate with special weapons
Loose Cannon Weapon Loot CrateLoot crate with powerful weapons
Armor CrateArmor upgrade crate
Supply CrateSupply drop crate
Leg PocketsCostume accessory
Pocket MarketIn-game feature
BonfireIn-game item
Airdrop AidIn-game item
Secret ClueIn-game item
Bounty TokenIn-game item

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. <strong>1. How long will the Parafal Royale event last?<br></strong>

    The event will be active for two weeks, starting from its launch date.

  2. <strong>2. Can I participate in the event without spending diamonds?<br></strong>

    No, participants must use diamonds to spin and unlock rewards during the Parafal Royale event.

  3. <strong>3. Are the rewards in the event guaranteed?<br></strong>

    According to Garena’s specifications, players are assured to receive a gun skin within 1000 diamonds and a grand prize within 50 spins.

  4. <strong>4. Can I obtain duplicate rewards in the event?<br></strong>

    No, the grand rewards are never duplicated, ensuring players receive all available gun skins within 200 spins.

  5. <strong>5. What if I prefer not to spend diamonds on this event?<br></strong>

    Players can choose to save their diamonds for other events with bigger benefits or rewards that they don’t want to miss out on.


The Free Fire Parafal Royale event is a thrilling opportunity for players to dive into the world of exclusive gun skins, loot crates, and costume components. With a variety of rewards and exciting spins, it’s a must-try for Free Fire enthusiasts looking to enhance their in-game experience.

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