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Free fire game has successfully made its position in the most played games after the game of PUBG got banned in India. According to a lot of people’s point of view, there are so many similarities that can be seen both in Free Fire and PUBG. Many popular games have successfully hacked this game and noted down some of the scripts that can be easily followed. The hack script also has a handful of features that will protect the players account of getting banned the game authority. The script is present in free so there is no need to pay even a penny for it. All the methods written in the script works with both old as well as the latest version of Free Fire game. Download the latest LUA hack script present for the Garena games which are of course a battle royal game. Some players are using this and are quite happy with the overall results. Some people do have the modded version of Free Fire game. Well, that should be updated then only the Garena script will work in your device most probably.

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The free fire hack script is another method that can be used as your choice to exploit the game. The decision is all yours. Let me tell you how you can use the hack script to do this within no time at all. The steps are quite easy to understand and follow. The first thing that you need to do is to download the script using the direct link provided at the end of this article. After this, the game should be started using the android emulator downloaded in your laptop or PC for a better experience. Here in place of emulator the dual space which you mostly use can even be used. If you haven’t done that yet kindly do it as soon as possible to follow the further steps. The experience in mobile is not bad when we talk about free fire game but it’s kind of difficult for everyone to have the proper control on the game when it’s played using a mobile that is the reason, I have suggested emulators or dual spaced to be used. There are even websites that also provide a direct link through which you can download the dual space for your device. Now next you need to run your game and soon after that open the game guardian and then run it. After this, you need to click on the button to execute the script and there you are done with the process. The cheat file can even be useful you can download it from various sites present on the web. Let us see some of the features of the script which will make you understand its advantages more clearly:

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Main Features of Free Fire MOD Script

  1. There is no problem associated by reloading, again and again, the game you are in presently.
  2. There are unlimited gems made available for the player to use for buying weapons, skins and many other things.
  3.   There is even unlimited Ammo which is quite useful in Free Fire game.
  4. The player also has the advantage of unlimited health that is so important as you keep on losing the health and lose the game at the end.
  5. There is also AWM skin present liked by the majority of the players.
  6. There is an advantage of fast running quite important in Free Fire game
  7. When we talk fast run there is even long jump made available to be used by the gamers.
  8. There is no recoil
  9. The scope hack is also made available for the players to use whenever there is a requirement seen.
  10. The script also protects the players account from getting by the game authority.
  11. There is an anti-host feature which is quite useful according to many players.
  12. There is an ultra-damage facility made available for the players which add an extra advantage while you are in the middle of the game?
  13.  The players can also make use of the underground feature.
  14. Unlimited diamonds are also offered to the players.
  15. There are speed and scope hack implemented in a very small interval of time.
  16. The player is also able to fly using the feature available in the game.
  17. There antenna as well as antenna pro made available for the player to use in the game whenever necessary.
  18. Apart from this, there are wallhack V1, wallhack V2, as well as wallhack V3, is made available which serve as one of advantage popularly use by most of the famous gamers in India. This is also suggested by many of them.

Download Link:


The Free Fire mod script is something that will provide you with all the things you need in this game so it’s worth a trying for sure. Kindly try it and let us know how it worked for you. I hope the article was useful to you.

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