Free Fire MAX Ghost Criminal Emote Party

Recently, the Free Fire MAX Indian server threw a bash of an emote party event, promising to spice up players’ emote collections. But what sets this event apart are the comeback of the FFWS Throne emote and the debut of the Money Rain emotes. Buckle up because players are diving into this spectacular event with their diamonds, eyeing those irresistible rewards.

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SectionKey Points
The Buzz in Free Fire MAX– Recent launch of the Ghost Criminal Emote Party event- FFWS Throne emote’s return and Money Rain emotes’ debut- Players using diamonds for exclusive rewards
Mark Your Calendar– Event runs from Nov 23, 2023, to Dec 4, 2023- Limited time to accumulate premium emotes from the reward pool
Diamonds Are Your Golden Ticket– Regular spins cost 19 diamonds- Super spins guarantee at least one emote per spin (199 diamonds) and 50% off on the first super spin
Legendary Wins and Grand Prizes– Sets of five super spins for a chance at legendary emotes and a guaranteed Grand Prize- Duplicate rewards convert to FF Tokens
Emote Galore: The Prize Pool– Grand Prizes include Rain Money, Festival Celebration, Grenade Magic, Free Money!, and Throne FFWS- Normal Prizes feature various captivating emotes
Join the Emote Fiesta: How to Participate– Open Free Fire MAX account, head to the event through the banner or event section, choose spin type, and spin until you get the Rain Money emote

Mark Your Calendar

The countdown begins! The event kicks off on November 23, 2023, and keeps the emote party rolling until December 4, 2023. It’s a limited-time opportunity for players to snag premium emotes from the reward pool. Get ready for a thrilling ride!

Diamonds Are Your Golden Ticket

To get a piece of the emote action, players need to make spins with diamonds. Regular spins will set you back 19 diamonds, while the super spins, priced at 199 diamonds, guarantee at least one emote per spin. Opt for a super spin, and the first one comes with a sweet 50% discount.

Legendary Wins and Grand Prizes

For every set of five super spins, players stand a chance to score a legendary emote if it’s missing from their collection. The fifth super spin locks in a guaranteed Grand Prize. Worried about duplicates? Fret not! Any duplicate rewards magically transform into FF Tokens on the spot.

Emote Galore: The Prize Pool

Dive into the Free Fire Ghost Criminal Emote Party and discover a treasure trove of emotes and goodies. The prizes are split into two exciting categories: Grand Prizes and Normal Prizes.

Grand Prizes

  1. Rain Money
  2. Festival Celebration
  3. Grenade Magic
  4. Free Money!
  5. Throne FFWS

Normal Prizes

  1. Arm Wave
  2. Shuffling
  3. Baby Shark
  4. Energetic
  5. Come and Dance
  6. Threaten
  7. Moon Flip
  8. Wiggle Walk
  9. Shake It Up
  10. Party Dance
  11. Dangerous Game
  12. Death Glare
  13. The Swan
  14. The Victor
  15. Fancy Hands
  16. Shimmy
  17. Challenge On!
  18. Bhangra
  19. Number 1
  20. Magic Cube Fragments
  21. Other Weapon Loot Crates

Join the Emote Fiesta: How to Participate

Here’s your VIP pass to the Free Fire Emote Party:

  1. Open Sesame: Head to the emote party event through the banner or the event section after logging into your Free Fire MAX account.
  2. Spin It Right: Navigate through the event UI and pick your preferred spin type.
  3. Keep the Dance Alive: Keep spinning until you catch the Rain Money emote, and voila! You’re now part of the emote elite.

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FAQs: Unmasking the Ghost Criminal Emote Party

  1. Q1: What makes the Free Fire MAX Ghost Criminal Emote Party special?

    A1: The event boasts the return of the FFWS Throne emote and introduces the new Money Rain emotes, making it a must-attend for every Free Fire MAX enthusiast.

  2. Q2: When does the Emote Party kick off?

    A2: The extravaganza starts on November 23, 2023, and wraps up on December 4, 2023. Mark your calendars!

  3. Q3: How much do super spins cost?

    A3: Super spins, ensuring at least one emote per spin, are priced at 199 diamonds. The first super spin comes with a delightful 50% discount.

  4. Q4: What happens if I get duplicate rewards?

    A4: Fear not! Duplicates transform into FF Tokens on the spot, ensuring you don't miss out on the emote fun.

  5. Q5: Can I participate if I'm new to Free Fire MAX?

    A5: Absolutely! Just open your Free Fire MAX account, head to the event through the banner or event section, and let the emote party begin!

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