Free fire discord server India

Free fire discord server India

Free Fire has a large global player population that is constantly growing and getting more active. The game has a stronghold in India, where millions of people play it on a daily basis.

Players like making new friends and joining new communities, and one of the best ways to do so is to join one of the various Discord servers. The majority of well-known Indian Free Fire producers have a Discord server where users may meet new people and take part in a range of events and activities conducted on the server.

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Top and Best Free fire discord servers in India

#1. Badge 99

Badge 99 has been one of India’s most popular YouTubers, with 8.23 million followers as of October 2020, up from 1.6 million in October 2020. On his server, there are around 132K users, with just a few hundred people active most of the time.

The announcements for the custom rooms are made here, which is one of the benefits of joining his Discord server. Aside from that, gamers may communicate with their pals through voice chats and text channels.

#2. Total Gaming

Total Gaming, nicknamed Ajjubhai, is the most popular Free Fire YouTuber in India. With 24.3 million subscribers and 3.7 billion views, he has surpassed all previous records. The gamer was also among the platform’s most-watched live streams.

With over 390k members, he also runs the second-largest Free Fire Discord server. Passwords for the custom room matches will be posted on the server, making this channel an excellent method to communicate with the creator.

#3. Desi Gamers

Desi Gamers, alias Amit Sharma, is a well-known figure in the Indian Free Fire community. He just hit the coveted 10-million-subscriber mark on YouTube, with 10.1 million followers. On his YouTube account, the player uploads entertaining videos.

In terms of membership, his Discord server is the third-largest. He has a total of 376808 followers. There are multiple speech channels, similar to the Two-Side Gamers’ server.

#4. A_S Gaming

A S Gaming is India’s second most popular Free Fire content developer, with his Discord server ranking fourth. Sahil Rana has over 15.1 million YouTube followers and a Discord server with over 200K members.

There is a text communication part, a general voice chat, and a special game zone with subcarriers for the players to use. His Discord channel has grown steadily in popularity over the previous several months, reaching close to 50K users.

#5. Gyan Gaming

Gyan Gaming, managed by Sujan Mistri, is a prominent YouTube channel. Since the beginning of 2018, he has been releasing videos on a daily basis and has seen significant growth, recently surpassing the 13 million subscriber mark.

His Discord server, Gyan Gaming IN, has 239.94K users, putting him third in India in terms of subscriptions. For duos, trios, and squads, there are over ten voice channels.

#6. Two–side Gamers

Ritik Jain and Jash Dhoka are the creators of the famous YouTube channel Two-Side Gamers. The channel, which launched in October 2018, currently has over 7.6 million subscribers and over one billion views.

Their Discord server, which has 425046 members, is one of the largest by a Free Fire content publisher. While gaming, gamers have access to a variety of speech channels.

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Facts about free fire

1. Garena Free Fire or Free Fire Battlegrounds is a Battle Royale portable game developed by 111 Dots and released by Garena Free Fire, or Garena Free Fire, or Free Fire Battlegrounds is a Battle Royale portable game developed by 111 Dots and released by Garena Free Fire, or Garena Free Fire, or Free Fire Battlegrounds is a Battle Royale portable game developed by 111 Dots and released by Garena Free Fire was backed and distributed by Garena, which was based in Singapore, throughout the turn of events.

2. Delivered Prior to the release of PUBG Mobile

Despite the fact that its permission was revoked on September 30, 2017, Free Fire’s beta stage has been far from complete. That is the reason why, despite the fact that it was delivered in September, Free Fire’s birthday always occurs in August. Free Fire was unquestionably delayed in comparison to its competitors, arriving over a year after PUBG and two months after Fortnite.

3. As of August 2020, there will be 100 million active players.

The evolution of Free Fire since its release in 2017 is fascinating to contemplate. Garena’s strategy of concentrating on gamers with low-resolution devices has proven to be incredibly effective. Free Fire becomes the most downloaded multipurpose game in 2019, as well as winning prestigious awards on platforms such as Google Play Store and App Store. Up to August 2020, Free Fire has 100 million active players per day, an increase of 20 million when compared to May 2020 estimates.

4. Famous in Brazil and Russia

Free Fire is extremely popular in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, and Russia. Garena is in Southeast Asia, thus three Southeast Asian countries are on this list, but the most surprising is its fame in Brazil and Russia. Due to its fame, several Brazilian football clubs joined Free Fire Esports!


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