Free Fire Booyah Pass December

Hey there, Free Fire fans! Are you ready to zoom through the galaxy with the latest Booyah Pass? Thanks to some sneaky peeks from leakers like Mr. Mannu Gaming, we’ve got the scoop on the stellar Season 12 Pass. So, buckle up as we take a cosmic journey through what’s in store for December.

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Free Fire Booyah Pass December (Season 12) Leaks

LevelRewardTypeAvailabilityCost (Diamonds)
1UMP Interstellar ImpulseWeapon Skin30 days
10Interstellar Victor ParachuteParachuteFree
20Galactic Odyssey BannerBannerFree
30Interstellar Remains Loot BoxLoot Box
40Motorbike Interstellar RiderMotorbike
50Interstellar HoodieHoodieFree
60Interstellar Messenger AvatarAvatarFree
70Interstellar SkyboardSkyboard
80Grenade Interstellar ExplosionGrenade
91AWM Interstellar IgniterWeapon SkinFree
100UMP Interstellar ImpulseWeapon Skin
130Interstellar Icicle DaggerMelee Weapon
140Interstellar Traveller backpackBackpack
150Gloo Wall InterstellarGloo Wall
151BP S11 Deluxe BoxDeluxe BoxRepeatable
Premium PassPass UpgradeUntil Dec 31499
Premium Plus PassPass UpgradeUntil Dec 31999

The Galactic Gateway Opens

Intergalactic Gear Incoming!

On December 1, 2023, Free Fire is set to launch an intergalactic-themed Booyah Pass that’s out of this world. With new costumes, weapon skins, and a whole universe of items up for grabs, this pass is your ticket to cosmic glory. And remember, you’ve got until December 31 to claim and level up your pass for those premium rewards!

The Stellar Line-Up

Climb the Ranks, Claim the Loot

Let’s break down the loot ladder, shall we? Starting from level 1 all the way to 151, there’s a treasure trove of space goodies waiting for you.

Here’s a sneak peek of the cosmic collection:

  • UMP Interstellar Impulse: Get this blaster at level 1 for 30 days.
  • Interstellar Victor Parachute: Glide in style from level 10.
  • Galactic Odyssey Banner: Mark your territory with this free banner at level 20.
  • Interstellar Remains Loot Box: This loot box at level 30 is a real gem.
  • Motorbike Interstellar Rider: Ride the stars with this level 40 prize.
  • Interstellar Hoodie: Snag this free hoodie at level 50, along with the Interstellar Messenger Bundle.
  • Interstellar Skyboard: Surf the sky at level 70.
  • Grenade Interstellar Explosion: Make a bang at level 80.
  • AWM Interstellar Igniter: Snipe in style for free at level 91.
  • UMP Interstellar Impulse: Again at level 100, because why not?
  • Interstellar Icicle Dagger: Get this chilly blade at level 130.
  • Interstellar Traveller backpack: Pack your space snacks in this level 140 backpack.
  • Gloo Wall Interstellar: Protect yourself with this level 150 barrier.
  • BP S11 Deluxe Box: This repeatable reward at level 151 is the cherry on top.

A Diamond Deal

Pricing That Won’t Break the Bank

Looking to upgrade? The Premium version is going for 499 Diamonds on the Indian server, and if you’re aiming for the stars, the Premium Plus with an extra 50 levels is yours for 999 Diamonds. Prices may vary slightly from server to server, but that’s the ballpark.

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FAQs: All About Free Fire Booyah Pass December (Season 12) Leaks

  1. <strong>Q1: What's the theme for the Free Fire Booyah Pass in December?</strong>

    A1: We’re going intergalactic! The December (Season 12) Booyah Pass is all about that space life, with cosmic costumes and stellar skins.

  2. <strong>Q2: When can I start leveling up my Booyah Pass?</strong>

    A2: Launch into the action from December 1, 2023, and keep blasting through until December 31.

  3. <strong>Q3: What kind of rewards can I expect?</strong>

    A3: From the UMP Interstellar Impulse to the Interstellar Icicle Dagger, there’s a galaxy of rewards, including weapon skins, parachutes, loot boxes, and more.

  4. <strong>Q4: How much does the Premium Booyah Pass cost?</strong>

    A4: It’s 499 Diamonds for the Premium version. If you want to go big, Premium Plus is 999 Diamonds.

  5. <strong>Q5: Will the Booyah Pass prices be the same on all servers?</strong>

    A5: Mostly, yes, but do expect some minor differences depending on your server.

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