Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code

The game of Free Fire has managed to achieve great levels in past one year and the most promising reason behind this miracle to take place is the new updates that keep on coming from time to time. The developers of this game always try that their players getting something exciting within the game each time that sit up for a good game. Always with PUBG coming back in India, the game is trying its best to be at the pace with all the potential updates to get hold of their present players and also gain many other new players in the upcoming future. As the new update of the Free Fire game is on its way known to be Free Fire OB27 the players, therefore, are excited to know some information regarding the server activation code and the new features that is been added currently.

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The activation code here has great importance as with this code the players are going to have proper access to the latest advanced server in the game. Also, on the server, the players will be able to try out some of the newly launched things. As we know that the Free Fire game is one of the popular battles royale mobile games that currently has millions of active players around the globe. The game with its overall performance has managed to gain so much support in a small period. And with time the game is getting better and the main thing behind this betterment is the advanced features.

Apart from all this, the players can even purchase various types of in-game items that improve their gameplay by giving different support when required. In this article, however, the whole discussion is going to be about the advanced server activation code and the related features that will come along. So, if you someone curious about the Free Fire game recent updates then kindly read this article till last. This server is kind of exclusive where the overall capacity of the player entering the game will be quite limited. That is the reason it is a great chance for every interested player to get a chance so that they can enter the advanced server by getting hold of the activation codes.

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Advanced Server Activation Code in Free Fire:

The OB28 Advance server is currently live on the official website of Garena and thus the players can download the same official Advance Server APK file from the same website. There are several features that players can check out to give feedback to the developers. The players are even excited about these features so let us see the features one by one.

The main application of this advanced server is to check as well as test the new features added recently. Through this, the game can be optimized and the player’s feedback will also be collected and through that necessary and important changes can be made. Some of the major additions in the Free Fire OB28 Advance Server is listed down:

  1. The first thing that is been added is a new character known as D-bee. This character is mainly a street dancer as well as a music maker. He has an overall modern look that justifies the dancer tag. The character has a special passive ability known as “Bullet Beats” using which the players can easily increase the character in-game movement speed. The accuracy and performance will be more advanced using this new character.
  2. The second thing is the addition of a new pet known as Dr Beanie. This pet is a cute duck that players can easily procure using 100 diamonds.
  3. The third thing which is been added is a bunch of new weapons which almost every player within the game looks forward to. There is a kingfisher which is an assault rifle and Uzi an SMG. These two are the main addition to the weapon segment. Kingfisher in here boosts a high fire rate which provides great damage while in the case of Uzi that is deemed as a secondary weapon.
  4. The fourth thing that is been added here is the new mode known as Rampage New Dawn in the OB28 Advanced Server.

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How to achieve and use the Activation Code?

  1. For this firstly player is required to log in with their respective Free Fire linked Facebook account
  2. Now they are required to fill up all the personnel details in there
  3. After the registration form is filled kindly do submit it after which their application will remain under review by the developer’s end
  4. Once the developer overviews the application the player will soon start receiving activation codes as eligibility is the main factor here
  5. One of the lucky applicants in the whole group will receive the code that can be used to install as well run the Free Fire OB28 Advance Server APK file.
  6. Now before the players can use the activation code the initial requirement is to sign up to the advanced server through the link provided below.
  7. Link:
  8. After that enter inside using the social media link, you used to register at first. As you go inside kindly enter your details properly like full name, phone number and email ID.
  9. Just confirm and proceed further

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I hope the information been shared above will be useful to all my readers


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