Fracter APK MOD+DATA Puzzle Game Download.

FRACTER APK is not just a game as there are lots of possibilities behind it as the positional puzzles in the game are solved, which means the storyline of the game is the more puzzle you solve you’re able to proceed.


Fracter is an addictive and adventure game but yet build the brains and helps with strategizing as you solve puzzles.
Storyline: A young hero veiled embark on a very dangerous mission to conquer the darkness within and bring back the once peaceful and harmonious world with full light and everything was beautiful.
Explore the World of Shadows, Discover Secrets Hidden in the Dark, and Outsmart Ominous Creatures just by solving couples of puzzles using the only force against darkness: Light.

Join a veiled young hero exploring a world in shadows. Discover secrets hidden in the dark and outsmart ominous creatures as you traverse a mysterious labyrinth of glowing black architecture.
Immerse yourself in a highly sensory experience, and set off on a perilous quest to restore light to a darkened world.


  • HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL SOUNDTRACK: An eerie ambient soundscape that combines flavors of east and west with sounds both ancient and future making the game more interesting and adventuring.
  • METICULOUSLY CRAFTED PUZZLES: A series of intricate puzzles that must be solved using only light.
  • STRIKING BLACK & WHITE VISUALS: Dramatic landscapes in shades of gray designed by an accomplished and professional team of artists
  • POETIC SELF-REFLECTIVE JOURNEY: A game experience that is both heart-pounding and at times deeply personal
  • MULTIPLE CONTROLS OPTIONS: Alternative controls are available in the setting menu (icon in the upper right corner). Players can choose the control scheme that best fits their play-style.


Although the game isn’t free for download on Android as you have to purchase it but here is a link
Fracter APK Mod – Click Here
Fracter MOD + DATA OBB – Click Here

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