Fortnite Season 4 Nexus War has started

The time has come, for the dear Battle Royale and Fortnite friends! The fourth season of the second Fortnite chapter started on Thursday. The new section is called “Nexus War” and, as announced, brings with it a Marvel crossover that has washed up. As can already be seen in the cover picture, not only Thor has found its way into Epic Games’ flagship hit, Groot, Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, Iron Man and many other heroes also bring extraordinary skills with them in Season 4.

In the corresponding announcement of the new season it is said under the motto “get great” that you can get Doctor Doom’s Arcane Gloves, Silver Surfers Board, Groot’s Thorn Shield and many other superpowers that will appear in the course of the season.

With the freshly flared battle between superheroes and villains, some well-known locations from the universes of the Marvel characters come into play. Doom’s Domain and the Sentinel Cemetery are just two examples.

New weapon, skills, and more

If you thought that the news about the start of the season was already there, you are wrong. For example, you get access to the so-called “Stark Industries energy rifle”. Anyone who can relate to the name of the manufacturer also knows that the parts produced there are usually full of “quality”. The new weapon comes straight from the laboratory, the benefits of which depend entirely on how you aim and use it.

Speaking of Stark Industries … from Tony Stark’s company, small but noticeable supply drones fly around the map that may have powerful weapons and capabilities with them. So if you get one of these from the sky, you will be a little stronger and better equipped in the fight for survival immediately afterwards.

Story, Marvel Missions and Battle Pass

Of course, there is also a background story to match the new season in Fortnite. So if you want to know what has actually happened so far so that Marvel’s cavalry came to the island, you should read the Nexus War: Thor comic in the Helicarrier room directly in the game.

Furthermore, you can awaken heroes or villains – it’s your choice. All buyers of the new Battle Pass, of course, will also be able to complete special tasks for the Marvel Legends. As a result, there is, among other things, an integrated “awakened emote” to be unlocked, which reveals the real hero or villain.

Battle Pass Trailer

We have also added the trailer for the Battle Pass directly to you. Of course, this again holds countless skins. The Marvel season includes Thor, Iron Man, Storm, Mystique, Doctor Doom, Groot and many more:

The complete launch trailer for Season 4 can be seen here:

About Fortnite

Fortnite by Epic Games is a modern battle royale game. Here the players compete against each other on a map and fight for survival. In a colorful comic look, the game was able to convince many players due to the constant further developments and innovative elements. It is currently one of the most successful games in its genre and has appeared on numerous platforms.

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