Fortnite Hacks, Cheats and Tricks

The world of the video game is quite vast to cover even in our entire life. There are millions of games spread across the world with a lot of supporters as well fans. And while we talk about people many players have started gaming at a very young age and that means they have heard about the Fortnite battle royale game. This game has a whole new fan level due to various factors. Fortnite is OfCourse one of the most epic games out there. This is nothing but an online multiplayer battle shooter game that was launched in 2017. Since then, it’s one of the most played video games across the world. The game has a total of three modes to play in popularly known as Fortnite: save the world, battle royale and creative.

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All the three modes have their own stories and goals to achieve and that is the reason the player must have a different playing approach towards each mode to win or at least stay. Among all these three modes the most played one is the Fortnite battle royale as this is the only model which has made its journey from Xbox to android. Basically, in this mode, there is a player in the role of the shooter who tries to stay alive till the very end of the game in regards of which he manages to kill many other players in combat mostly taking place in the battle ground. In this article, we are going to look at the few tricks or hacks that will help the players to stay alive till last and win. But before that let us see that how this game is played. As most of you are already know that the game is played with a maximum of 100 players together.

The ultimate goal of the very player is to stay alive until the end of the game as that means you are the winner. The game however allows the players to play alone, in duo, trio and even in the squad. In the start, the players are dropped onto the gaming map by the use of a battle bus that hovers over the map. The players are weaponless during the drop as after landing they must start looking for them immediately. As a whole, the players have to hunt for threats, resources, medical items and foreign vehicles as all this is required to stay alive. The players have to manage the combat with the opponent and the last one to stand wins the whole game.

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Now moving further with the tricks or cheats:

#1. Ride the supply drop balloons:

The first thing is all about the advantage of the supply balloons which is an easy opportunity to bag the free kills. As when the players in the game spot these balloons falling, they get kind of excited for the loot hunger and that is why they rush towards the landing spot. This is the grand opportunity for the other players to spot them from somewhere high and then hop right onto them killing them without any trouble. This is more like a free kill technique. Just make sure to do it without making any kind of silly mistakes as one has to be focused down here.

#2. See-through the Fortnite walls:

As many players already know that when you build in Fortnite then walls become transparent. You can make use of this excellent opportunity to spot down your enemies and then easily kill them. For an instance, you can throw down a wall and then head into the edit mode and from there everything is seen quite clearly. Apart from this if your enemy has built a wall and is sitting behind it then you can head to edit mode then catch them off guard.  

#3. Find the hidden loot room:

Every player in this game is fond of treasure and for this, a secret room is hidden which has tons of it. All you have to do here is to head towards the tomato tunnel. If you look carefully out there then you will surely notice a hidden room behind a car. Inside you may find several gold chests so you can loot as much as you want.

#4. Try to reach the ground faster:

One of the quickest ways to reach the ground is by changing your body to the near-vertical position. You can even try jumping off the bus but this has to be done a little bit faster. But at some point, you may get low enough that the glider will be forced open in such a situation kindly glide slowly to safety. One more thing is that glider does not open in water make use of this opportunity.

#5. Slide without losing health:

In Fortnite getting to higher places is quite easy. But getting down is a bit tricky. So, if you do not want to lose any health during the slide down then you must learn to counter-strafe. This means to move in the opposite direction where you are sliding. This will surely help you out.


I hope the information mentioned above was useful to all my readers. 

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