Fix Zoom not showing upcoming Meetings

Since the pandemic broke down every individual belonging to any profession was forced to carry out all the important work from home. The world position within few days was changed totally as if something which can be touched physically has changed to virtual. The telecommunication world was therefore used for all the help as much as possible. One can that the telecommunication world has recently become the most popular than any field. This is because every other field is making use of this path for establishing a virtual set up in which people can work together while effectively communicating with each other mainly through video conferencing and meeting. Companies have opted this way so that they can monitor their employees been working within a designed loop.

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Zoom is one of such apps which has made online meeting an easy task to carry out. As most of us are already aware that online meeting tools have taken over the business, education and other sector responsibility to be carried out more quickly. This can be defined as software that is designed for the virtual communication purpose in which people living in a different location can be together and implement their things in an organized fashion. But as the software are used in huge-scale nowadays there are some minor as well as the major problem that keeps on arising from time to time. The same case is with the Zoom app. As it’s a widely used software with all the features that enable anyone to organize a classic webinar, meetings etc. quite easy. Apart from this, there is an add on video enabling feature. Everything organized here is more like a live conference that provides various features listed below. 

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Main Features of Zoom Meetings

  1. Zoom software is considered to be more engaging as compared to all other online meeting tools currently present in the market.
  2. A live event can be easily carried out without much problem
  3. Apart from this, it is free for light users
  4. A full video replay feature is provided handy
  5. It is an affordable option present that is a great choice to be considered
  6. The software is quite reliable as well as fun
  7. There are audiovisual features present down there
  8. Great management is held up which makes the software quite easy to be used
  9. There are many other additional features there

Since the software has so many advantages to look upon it is sometimes possible that some problems are faced, one such famous issue of the zoom software is that it is not showing the upcoming meetings which many a time land the users into great troubles. In this article, we going to see the tips through which the problem can be solved. So, if you are someone who is seeking the answer to the same question then this is the article for you. Let’s see the solutions one by one:

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Solutions to Fix Zoom not showing upcoming Meetings

Solution 1: Kindly check that your Zoom software or app is up to date

The first thing that should be done here is to check that the software you are using on the PC or the app in the mobile is up to date or not as many of the times the older version creates various problems that are solved just by an updating. Also, keep in mind that the software is downloaded from a standard website or else the bugs would not allow it to work properly most of the time and that would the main reason for software to crash from time to time or not providing necessary notification that it should be. 

Solution 2: Check the PC setting

Many a time the problem is not associated with zoom but is due to some wrong settings in the user device only. Several permissions are required to be given to this and if anyone permission is denied may end up a problem like this. Kindly make sure that the zoom is linked via your Gmail account and also through the calendar as then only the upcoming meeting notification is sent at the required time. If that also does not work properly then kindly disable the zoom and then enable it again.

Sometimes we are using various software that is meant for the same task in such a case the software lacks some feature. One should make sure that all other software is closed when the one is been running. This prevents the problem such as the important notifications will be starting on arriving at the required time without any kind of lag. As in here, the input is been limited and not excessively been used by all the unnecessary apps.


All the solutions listed above are useful as is been suggested by many people. Kindly use and see by yourself. I hope the information was useful to all my readers.

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