How to fix Valorant VAN 1067 TPM 2.0 Error

Valorant isn’t very new on the subject of issues, bugs, and errors. But now a days lots of issues and bugs has been reported by the users as VAN 1067 – TPM 2.0 Error, related to Trusted Platform Module (TPM), an era used for machine integrity measurements. TPM 2.0 Error can be defined with the aid of using valorant gamers with a Windows eleven OS and stops gamers from connecting the game.

“This difficulty you are experiencing is due to an incompatibility among implementations in Vanguard (our anti-cheat feature) and Windows eleven, a model of Windows that we presently no longer help. If you’ve got TPM 2.0 or Secure Boot disabled, you are now no longer going so that it will release nor play Valorant,” wrote Riot Games’ help to at least one Reddit user, who published the capability steps to solve the problem on a Reddit thread.

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Riot is continuously exploring methods and strategies to reinforce the safety of the sport and to fight cheating. Now, Vanguard makes use of TPM and Secure Boot, a protection widespread to assist make certain that a tool boots the usage of the most effective software program that is depended on with the aid of using the manufacturer.

How to fix Valorant VAN 1067 TPM 2.0 Error

The reason why VAN 1067 mistakes code pops up is that each TPM and Secure Boot are disabled on Windows 11. In order to resolve this issue, customers are required to allow TPM and Secure Boot on their computer systems through getting access to the BIOS setting.

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Here’s a step-through-step manual to allow them.

Enabling Secure Boot

  • Go to Windows settings and click on on Windows Update and click on on Advanced options, then on Recovery
  • Select ‘Restart Now’ beneath neath Advanced startup
  • The home windows will restart now and you may be proven a brand new Menu with special options
  • Click at the Troubleshoot option, observed via means of Advanced options, and sooner or later click on UEFI Firmware Settings. Upon clicking at the UEFI settings, click on ‘Restart’ to make the changes. You are probably caused to press ‘F10’ or some other characteristic key to go into the BIOS menu.
  • The BIOS menu will pop up and from right here flow to the ‘Boot’ tab and permit Secure Boot

Enabling TPM 2.0

  • In the identical BIOS menu screen, navigate to the ‘Security’ tab
  • Enable the option “Change TPM state”

Now, your pc will robotically boot up and also you must be capable of play Valorant.

Note that this feature can be special for special manufacturers. So if you’re now no longer capable of discovering “Change TPM state”, Google your producer with the keyword “TPM 2.0 permit” and also you must be capable of discovering an appropriate option.

If the mistake code nonetheless suggests after following all of the steps, you may put up a price tag to Riot’s patron support.

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