How to fix valorant slow update download

How to fix valorant slow update download

Valorant gamers frequently want to upgrade the game as soon as possible, leading to questions such as “How come it’s taking so long?” says the narrator. Believe me when I say that this is an issue that a lot of other gamers are having and that it can be fixed. So, if you want to fix and install it quickly, read this article all the way to the end.

The following are the reason why the Valorant update is so slow:

The game receives updates on a regular basis. The 3.08 update was recently released, and players are starting to get their hands on it. Furthermore, the majority of players have problems updating their games. Furthermore, it might be aggravating and irritating at times because you are unable to remain patient in these circumstances.

You launch the Valorant client after learning that a new update has been released. Now you must click the update button and then minimise the client because the process may take some time. You begin to watch videos or multitask. You notice that the client has ceased downloading the update later on. Valorant frequently refreshes the game in the background at a glacial pace.

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This might be for several reasons.

DNS and network difficulties may also arise. It’s also conceivable that your background apps are to fault. Because most low-end PCs don’t favour minimised clients.


There are a few options for speeding up your update procedure. We now understand why Valorant downloads are so sluggish. Let’s get started on finding solutions.

#1. Reset Router

Resetting your router can provide you with a stable internet connection. There is, however, a potential that this can be fixed.

Occasionally, restarting the router improves its performance. So, this is something you may attempt.

 #2. No files are running in the background.

Automatic updates may be a problem if you utilise numerous game launchers such as Epic Games Launcher, Steam, and Riot. If Steam is attempting to run a few updates at the same time that you’re trying to upgrade VALORANT, the two will share your bandwidth, slowing down your overall download speed.

#3. Troubleshoot DNS

A DNS server that is experiencing problems, similar to a gaming server that is having problems, might cause poor download rates while upgrading VALORANT. The majority of gamers utilise their internet service provider’s default DNS servers (ISP). Though these servers should function normally most of the time, they may succumb to the strain at peak hours in your region.

Changing your DNS server is the best approach to troubleshoot your current one. To check whether it makes a difference, use a prominent DNS address like Google’s or OpenDNS’. Pause your update process and leave VALORANT before updating your DNS. Restart the update procedure once you’ve applied your new DNS address.

You should continue with your new DNS address for at least a day or two if changing your DNS speeds up your update speed in VALORANT. After then, you may go back to your previous DNS server since the problems should have been resolved by then.

You might also utilize your phone’s mobile hotspot capability. This is one of the greatest methods to troubleshoot your home connection as you’ll be utilising a fresh DNS. Whether your cellular download speeds return to normal, contact your ISP to see if your network is malfunctioning.

After testing your internet speed using your mobile data, suspend the downloads. Downloading a complete update on mobile might clutter your data allowance and result in extra costs.

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#4. Pause And Start Again

This might be a viable solution for resolving the problem. Furthermore, you may stop, cancel, and resume the update.

So, these were the things to do in order to remedy Valorant’s very sluggish update.

#5. Learn about your internet plan’s specifics.

If you’ve just recently begun to notice your download speeds, it’s a good idea to learn more about your internet plan’s specifics. Some providers list their speeds with the phrase “up to,” implying that your results may vary depending on how long you join up for the package.

Call your Internet service provider to find out more about your current plan. If your infrastructure supports a faster plan, it will be the most effective option to boost your VALORANT update speeds, since downloading large updates will take less time with faster internet.

Any continuous difficulties with your home network might also be detected by your ISP. They might offer extra troubleshooting techniques if there is a scarcity in your location or anything is incorrect with your internet performance.

#6. Check to see whether the VALORANT servers are up and running.

Nothing can do will be able to accelerate your VALORANT updates if the VALORANT servers are under the weather. Because troubleshooting your network connection will take some time, be sure your efforts aren’t in vain.

Players typically start new posts when there’s a server-wide outage to check whether other fans are having the same problem, thus community centers like Reddit may be helpful. While perusing the boards, you may come across other ways that have improved the data speeds of other gamers.


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