How to fix PUBG Rank Mode Error?

PUBG is a wildly popular game. However, when you try to enter PUBG Rank Mode Error will occur. Your rank is not the only thing being affected. The game will not load fully. Luckily for you, Rank Mode Error is a problem that can be fixed with patience and persistence. 

Here are some of the top fixes that you should try:

  • Check your internet connection. If it turns out you’re having issues with your connection, try turning off your Wi-Fi or ethernet cable to see if this solves any problems.
  • Restart your computer’s operating system to make sure there are no other programs interfering with the game itself.
  • Close PUBG. You may want to try booting the game in Safe Mode if it doesn’t work for you. Safe Mode temporarily disables non-essential features and programs, like antivirus software and hardware drivers.
  • Change your passwords. Your login passwords are not necessarily safe from being hacked, so make sure you keep them straight and secure.
  • Restart your router to ensure that it is connected properly to the Internet service provider’s network. This could also be a factor in why you’re getting these errors in the first place.
  • This was an easy fix for me, but I wasted a good hour on this before I realized it! I’ll be more careful next time. 

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Here are some quick solutions to fix the error:

  • Close your game, wait 10 seconds and restart it. This has to be done at least 4 times for this strategy to work best. 
  •  Delete the PUBG folder in your Steam directory and start over from scratch by downloading the latest version of the game through Steam again. 
  • Just hide your rank mode until you are able to get into it or wait for patch notes that address these issues.
  • Delete your Local files.
  • Restart your computer.
  • Exit out of the game and then restart Steam. This will force Steam to check files and redownload any corrupted ones.
  • Reinstall the game.
  • Disable firewall, anti-virus software and restart the computer.
  • Uninstall updates for your graphics card driver, reinstall them and restart the computer. Also, you need to set PUBG in “high performance” mode in Nvidia settings or AMD equivalent settings. 
  • Restart your router or reset it back to default settings to fix connection issues with other devices on the network (or yours).

How PUBG Rank Mode Error happens?

PUBG rank mode error can be caused and can be fixed by any of the following:

If rank mode is disabled for a reason, that you cannot find out what the issue is.

1) If your rank mode does not allow you to enter rank 1 – Try the following;

a. Make sure that you re-login with correct username and password. Sometimes attackers set up a bot or other fake system in order to steal or attempt to crash your account and game while you are logged in via Steam or PUBG as an administrator account.

b. Double check that you have sufficient internet data, especially if you are using mobile data connection. If so, try and play with another account from the same service provider as soon as possible.

2)If your rank mode does not allow you to enter rank 2 – Try the following: 

a. Try connecting to another game server maybe it is your own PC or a different IP address, to see if it works then choose reconnect from settings in game, and check again until you are able to move up in ranks

b. If rank mode was enabled and then disabled by mistake, this might fix it temporarily until you can get PUBG support team to fix the issue for you.

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Conclusion: –

Rank mode error can be fixed, but it takes time, patience and perseverance. If you know how to fix rank mode error you have the chance to climb higher in the game.  If you are looking for more help, you can contact PUBG support team either by email or chat.  By following a few tips and tricks you can rise in ranks and win big prizes as well with less effort.  Unlike other games, this is not really an issue that you would like to have happen to you. If your rank mode error appears on your screen, the game will be paused for some reason. You will try reinstalling the game but this does not fix the problem.

The culprit is that you have encountered a problem with your system. The fact is that the game cannot start because the operating system of your computer did not load correctly. Sometimes users may need to reinstall the program and expect it will work. The problem with this method is there are many problems that can occur after reinstalling the program, especially if there are many other applications which were previously installed on your computer and have not been removed as intended. Instead, you should use a tool to check for errors and problems with your system at all times. When you encounter these issues, you can use this tool to fix them quickly and easily.

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