How to Fix a Phone Camera Not Working?

Why is the Phone Camera Not Working?

The phone camera usually has a lens that creates an image. The lens is adjusted by lenses to see like the human eye and when it can’t, only then does it start getting blurry, shaking or tinny. This article will go through some of the symptoms showing why your phone’s camera might not be working properly. You might notice unusual noises or that the screen doesn’t appear clear when referencing your phone or you see something clearly with both eyes and then turn to look at a close up on your mobile device. This may also be if you have poor lighting conditions such as if there is no external light source, in which case your laptop webcam will work fine in these circumstances.

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What Causes Phone Camera Not Working? 

The camera’s lens can be prone to lens moisture, cleaning the end of the phone will help if you notice poor image quality. The lens can also be covered by debris if so cleaned with a microfibre cloth or compressed air. Even though some of these solutions seem to work there is also a wider range of results than expected and this could be caused by your phone not recording video properly, for further testing I would recommend that you download the 3rd party app Check Camera quality on Google Play Store and test again. If you use your device more often than others it is possible that your phone may develop an error that may compromise the angle created by your camera lens to restore image quality.

How to Fix a Phone Camera Not Working?

  • Ensure your camera lens is clean; you can use a contact lens cleaner on a cotton bud and gently wipe the back of the phone.
  • Ensure your phone has good lighting – if it is in low light conditions with no external light source then there could be poor image quality or even no image at all.
  • An Operating System update may have caused some changes to happen so ensure that you do not have an older one if possible.
  • There are a few APKs that may interfere with your camera functionality such as Camera Booster.
  • If the phone’s lens is clear, then it may be related to image quality.
  • In low light conditions, where there is no light source, then it may be caused by your phone not recording a video properly.
  • If there is a problem with your camera lens, then it may be caused by the setup.
  • If your camera suddenly stops working, then it may be too hot. You can try using a soft cloth, with the phone on, to wipe away the heat.
  • If you see “no image” in the viewfinder for a second, then it may be caused by a background distraction or something like a shadow.
  • Ensure there is no software or app causing interference with your camera lens.
  • Ensure that the phone is not too hot so as to avoid sudden shutdowns.

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If you are still experiencing trouble with your phone camera or the picture quality is still subpar, then there might be a problem with your phone’s camera or the software. It is illustrative to get it checked out by a technician. If the phone’s screen is not clear when you use the camera, then it may be due to a hardware problem. If this is the case then I would suggest that you contact your mobile network provider and ask them to look at your device. Mobile phone repair technicians have a wide range of experience and if they are unable to identify the issue, or if your mobile device does not meet their standards for repair, then there may be further assistance over the phone with customer service professionals.

There are several cases where the camera on your mobile device has stopped working and there are some simple steps you can do to fix this problem immediately without having to visit a repair shop or pay battery life.

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The camera is an important part of your device and due to its importance, it is paramount that you understand what causes the phone camera not working and how to fix it. If you are experiencing reduced image quality this article will provide you with some tips and tricks on how to fix your camera functionality. If the camera is not working at all then there may be a wider issue caused by your device, which may require assistance from a technician or phone repair shop. It is beneficial for you to do your research to ensure that you choose the best company for your needs in order not to be disappointed. Not all devices are repaired in a similar way and this information is for basic troubleshooting purposes only. It is important that you get a second opinion from your mobile network provider before any repairs are attempted.

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