Fix COD Mobile Version Error Code 74031

Fix COD Mobile Version Error Code 74031

Call of Duty is one of the most played games worldwide and that is the reason this game is so popular. As per many players, Call of Duty is one of the most efficient to play free online welfare games that features various modes like the standard Multiplayer mode which can be term as something very much similar to counter strike and then there is newly launched Battle Royale mode that is somewhat identical to the mode player can mostly see in PUBG game. The Battle Royale’s entry that has been made into COD Mobile application has flipped the world by a sudden strike as this is something that player or I can say the whole gaming world was not at all expecting. Due to this sudden storm, this mode of COD Mobile has become the most popular multiplayer mode in the gaming industry.

As a whole, the game as well as all its related modes are already available for the players to download at any time and will be ready to play via the beta program. However, the beta version of the Call of Duty game is been tried by a lot of players and while playing they encountered various errors from time to time. As per the sources, the development team from Activision and Tencent games is trying their best to resolve all these problems by fixing the errors and bugs. Other than just fixing the developers are doing their best to ban cheaters, avoiding hacks and fixing technical errors that is been found in the game. As of now, the mobile version of this game is only available in India for the time being and that is why manually installing the APK as well as using the VPN app is the only option players are having to enjoy the game in a foreign country or region like United States, UK, Germany, France etc. In here as VPN is been used thus it’s quite normal to encounter some of the minor issues from time to time.

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Till now many of you must already get that today’s article is going to be about the Call of Duty Version and fixing the Error Code 74031 associated with it. Now I am attaching a link below from where the game can be download to prevent this error but if you are still facing errors then kindly go through the whole article to understand the ways through which it can fix.

 Downloading Link:

The game of Call of Duty Mobile has recently launched its season 5 update which adds various new maps, modes as well as weapons within the gameplay. However, as players are getting evolved, they are experiencing various errors from time to time and one such famous error is “version too old 74031” which is even known as the “Download the latest version to access this feature” error. This error is been encountered after the release of the latest patch and due to this error, many players are not able to access any of the newly launched sections in Call of Duty: Mobile. Now many of you must be doubting this is a small error that can be easily solved just by updating the present version of the game but the story here is somewhat different as the player who has experienced this error coming while playing this game never actually got an update at the first place. So, in simple words, this error of 74031 is not that simple as it looks. The development team of Activision has not been acknowledging this error code till the time but there is huge confidence from their side that the error will be resolve soon once the latest update will be out and available for everyone on the Google Play Store as well as on the Apple Store in the upcoming few hours. Apart from this, the error of 74031 is not a new bug that has currently occurred in Call of Duty: Mobile season 5 Battel pass which has stated just a few days back and again the same problem started.

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The main problem that the players have to face due to this error is that the error does not allow the players or I can prevent the players from completing the season 4 battle pass. In addition to this many players are not even able to log in inside their respective accounts which is a major issue needed to be solved as soon as possible. The error mainly flashes stating “Current Client Version is smaller than the last login (5024). This error prevents the players from playing any upcoming matches and recently the issue is been reported by a lot of active players. It is a relief for the players if this error is resolved as soon as possible from the company’s side.


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